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"Despite my skepticism and work as an investigative journalist, I must admit that Marcel Cairo completely changed my world view. In an unsolicited "reading" with my departed father, he went into great detail about a conversation that only someone in the room with my dad at the time of his passing would have known..."                                                                             

                  - John Feist, TV Producer, Survivor

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I’m so grateful for how much I learned through Marcel’s explanation of the afterlife! He flipped me around in perceiving it more positive. He was very patient and focused throughout reading. His accuracy was jaw-dropping! Quickly, pin-pointed my timeline that connected a core issue for me and invited in healthier conversations with my loved ones that helped clear my field. Great experience, I’m really feeling the shifts:)

– Carmen Peer

This was my second reading with Marcel and I was blown away yet again. Marcel is amazing, patient and very caring. I would totally recommend him! if anyone is even thinking about seeing a medium then Marcel is the one!

– Sue Smart

I waited 18 years... way too long to have my meeting, I only wish I did it sooner. However it came at the right time in my life. Marcel is by far a very gifted & wonderful medium with a good and true heart. This reading was so genuine, it confirmed the feelings I had always felt whom were by my side on a daily basis. I am so looking forward to having another reading from Marcel very soon. Thank you Marcel for this experience and you made it wonderful and fun as well. Talk to you soon.

– Hayley Tassa

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Marcel is down to earth while in his zone. If you release preconceived notions you will have a great reading

– Mara Melton

We had a wonderful & insightful session with Marcel. He is very kind & compassionate as well. Would highly recommend Marcel for a session.

– Pankaj Sharma

WOW!!! What an outstanding experience! Marcel's session gave me and my Mom more insight, clarity, and peace than a counseling session! He truly has a gift and is friendly that I would recommend ANYONE to try!! He made my Mom and I feel like family from the moment we got there! HE KNEW EVERYTHING!! Or rather, he was able to decipher what our family/spirit guides wanted us to know! (With our family history, it must've been hectic LOL) This is your sign to give him a try!! :)

– Charlsi Smith

I wasn't sure what to expect, but Marcel was really great and accurate with his information! My head was all over the place, from losing many immediate family members in a very short amount of time and then to lose my husband after that made it really hard. However, he was able to connect with who I needed to connect with and he connected the dots very well to figure out who they were without me saying anything but yes and no. Thank you Marcel. And Thank you to my spirit team.

– M.K.

So amazing . Marcel has a beautiful gift and an uplifting personality . I was so moved by it all


– Stephani Fed

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I just had a great reading with Marcel, and he was able to connect with the loved ones I wanted to connect with and he knew things without me sharing any details. I didn't say who I wanted to connect with, but they were there. I really appreciate how he took the time to make sure everything was understood correctly from my loved ones, we even laughed at a few things. Thank you Marcel and thank you to my loved ones for being there.

– Melanie Kelley

I’ve really enjoyed both my sessions with Marcel. He’s helped me find closure where I needed it, and a new perspective on many things that have been clouding my mind. Definitely recommend.

– Mercy Green

I had a great experience and would recommend. This experience has opened my eyes to the other side.

– Olivia Bojanczyk

My session with Marcel was so absolutely mind blowing and ACCURATE! He gave so much insight into what was happening in my life. I never felt like the session was rushed in any way. I was very happy with my reading. Not because he said all good things but because I learned things about myself that I didn’t know. He is the real deal!

– Rainer Thomas

My sister and I met with Marcel and were genuinely amazed. I wasn’t sure what to expect but he shared things that only family would know. Definitely recommend him if you are needing to find comfort and/or peace of mind.

– Melinda Eiffert

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After losing my husband eight months ago, I was desperate to connect with him and find peace. Marcel offered me numerous pieces of truth which allowed me to have absolute resolution that my husband is still with me. I left feeling closer to him than I have since he died. I will be forever grateful for this experience and the affect that it will have on the rest of my life. I highly recommend Marcel, and I will definitely be seeing him again.

– Megan Keller

Wow,& wow Marcel is amazing at what he does. It was a life time experience and one i will never forget. He told us things that only myself and my adult children would know. I had to go home and process everything that was told to us. I have such a sense of peace, since we had the meeting. I feel as if i can move forward now in my life since the passing of my daughter. Marcel was dead on everything in our session. I highly recommend him if you are looking for peace and and unanswered questions.

– Lynn Barrett

I was a bit on the fence about this, but went in with an open mind, and I thoroughly enjoyed the session with Marcel and left with lots to think about. He knew some things that no one else knows, so I have to say I was impressed. He is very pleasant, patient, entertaining and informative. I would love to have more sessions with him!

– Sunny Lane

My experience with Marcel proved to me that my spirits are walking with me. The inside joke my father and I had my entire youth was expressed by him through Marcel. I connected with important people in my life who had passed. That gave me so much happiness and comfort!

– Casey McLeod

I have seen Marcel several times and I have referred many others to him. I am blown away each time; he is the "real deal" and I appreciate his honesty about what to expect. Those that I have referred, are also extremely pleased with their sessions. He not only is in contact with your spirit team, but also tries to teach you how to be also. There is never any doubt about his integrity or his abilities.

– Sherri Mullins

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My friend invited me along with her to see Marcel bc she thought it would help me. I’m still thinking about our session and some puzzle pieces he was given def was my spirit team. E.g. He mentioned UFOs and well my spirit team all lived in Roswell, NM. The UFO town of America. My mom, my dad and my grandma all passed away within the past two years and I feel like seeing Marcel was truly helpful and insightful. If you’re even considering it, just do it.

– Kara Mendez

Marcel Cairo is truly genuine in what he does. He’s there to help you understand what spirit is trying to communicate to you. Especially when there are times when you are unsure what spirit is trying to say and show you. I highly recommend you visit him.

– TeAna Shelton

I highly recommend a reading from Marcel. Meeting with him was an amazing experience. I cannot thank him enough for connecting me with my spirit team.

– Kelleen Moran

My reading with Marcel was my first done by a medium and I did not know what to expect. Marcel was wonderful in explaining the process and making you feel comfortable. I will recommend him to others who are thinking about having a reading done. Marcel greatly helped me through the grieving process and I am looking forward to the journey ahead with my spirit team because of his facilitation. Thank you Marcel!

– Kate Baker

For over 10 years, I have been in a lot of pain after the death of my daughter. I have tried many ways to cope and to heal, but nothing seems to help. Marcel provided me with the insight I needed to lessen my grief. It will take work on my part – every day – but Marcel provided me with the tools I need to do this work. Very grateful!

– Melissa Newman

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Marcel was absolutely amazing. My brother, sister-in-law, husband, and myself all felt wonderful after our session. It was everything and more than we expected. Thank you, Marcel.

– Paulette Schreiber

Marcel is amazing! He communicated things to me that were so specific, it was clear he has a rare gift to connect to beings on the other side. It was a very helpful, moving, insightful, and fulfilling reading. This was my fourth reading with Marcel and I would do it again!

– Barbara Calvi

Today I had my reading with Marcel. It was my first reading ever with a medium and I was very emotional and just hoping for the best. The environment Marciel creates is amazingly peaceful and I am very grateful for this reading taking from it to better myself to the fullest. Thank again Marciel you are amazing!

– Martha Rosales

Marcel is a gifted medium and a wonderful person. He was patient and thoughtful throughout the process. He was able to connect me to my father who I never knew in this life. I now have the assurance that my father was always there and is still with me as my sprit guide. Marcel shared specifics about my life that no one knew but me. I left with confirmation that there is so much more to life than what we see. This experience changed my perspective and life. It also gave me hope and peace.

– Rani Rao

Marcel, thank you for your PATIENCE, kindness and integrity. During the reading, I learned so much about myself and several loved ones who have passed. I also learned A LOT about a non-loved one who has passed. Although it was difficult at the time, my deep personal healing and growth is making great T progress. I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is no longer a train. Thank you with all of my heart.

– Sharon Evans

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My best friend and myself had a reading with Marcel on 5/1 - the experience exceeded our expectations. Some of the insights and characteristics of loved ones that have passed were unique and would not have been known unless told to him by these loved ones. We will definitely be going to see him again- very cool and healing experience!

– Skae Gudritz

Marcel truly has a gift. He conveyed things to me that he would have never known or be able to guess. I came to my session not knowing how it would go, but I left feeling better even lighter than before. He communicates to you what spirit wants to tell you. I highly recommend you come see Marcel.

– A Shelton

Marcel is patient, kind and funny. The reading will leave you a believer if there were any doubts. My session exceeded any expectations.

– Sandy George

This was my second grief session and was very different from the first one. It reinforced my connection with my dear ones who have departed. Immense self reflection and clarity with life and helping hand in moving on. Deep seated trauma points were addressed which felt like an accelerated therapy session. I recommend this to therapy.

– Anisha Akella

Marcel was amazing. I was skeptical at first but he definitely made a believer out of me. He knew things only my boyfriend would know. Highly recommend.

– Tiffany Maria

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I really enjoyed my reading. I was impacted by the messages I was receiving without having to say anything to Marcel. He really proved to be sincere and true with his reading. He was on point with those whom I wanted to connect with. I highly recommend his services for those who are looking for comfort and affirmation that your loved ones are always by your side.

– Maria Torres

I can not begin to tell you how blown away I was by this reading. I had never, in my life, experienced anything like this. Thank you SO SO much for sharing your gift toward my healing. I urge anyone and everyone who has something to heal, to contact Marcel. You will not be disappointed. I promise.

– Leslie Ann Landsberg

Wow! All I can say is “Wow” Marcel way exceeded my expectations!!! I walked in not honestly knowing what to expect. I knew all the things I wanted to know. But, as he says. It’s not about your ego &/or closure. He delivered and answered in ways I did not expect, & way better! I’m anxiously waiting my next visit! I won’t ever go anywhere else. He’s absolutely amazing!

– Dashea Farber-Socolof

Absolutely mind-blowing experience! A session with Marcel was like years worth of therapy I didn't realize I needed. I'm a total skeptic and can honestly say this conversation exceeded any expectations I had walking in. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

– Mandi Ballard

Wow! A friend of mine recommended Marcel to me after she and her husband visited Marcel, after losing her dad. I was a bit skeptical and went in with low expectations. Marcel blew me away with the information he gave me. He spoke about things that were very personal to me and he or no one could have possibly known. I came away feeling very comforted and with a sense of peace, that I had not felt since my husband passed away. Thank you Marcel I would definitely recommend you. 

– Sue Smart

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Marcel is amazing. I truly feel he has a gift and is blessing others with his gift to communicate with the spirit world.

– Lindsey Walker

Marcel was absolutely amazing. He gave me clarity and peace of mind. He spoke of things only my loved ones who passed would know. I will definitely be back and recommend him to anyone who's struggling with the loss of someone they loved.

– Paris Payne

I think Marcel is very genuine in his work. He provided a lot of comfort in a time of grief. Working with Marcel has helped me tremendously. I recommend him highly!

– Amanda Tackett

Marcel was great! Highly recommend him!

– Kate Dozier

My mother and I went and were completely AMAZED. He does not rush, he is fun z& most of all he is ACCURATE. I would recommend him to everyone.

– Ambrea Rodgers

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I cannot stress how happy I am to have met Marcel! He is extremely talented, I went to see him because I lost my best friend to suicide and I was struggling with that. He connected with her and told me things that only she would have known, literally these were things I had neve told another soul. He really helped me obtain a sense of peace and comfort. I have zero doubt in my mind about the fact that he was really connecting with my loved ones. He is a very kind individual and I’m very thankful.

– Kyleigh Douglas

My reading with Marcel was incredibly enlightening, he took the time to explain his process, as well as teaching about communicating with Spirit. I am still processing all that he passed along, it all has meaning to me. A random share was him asking if San Miguel had meaning to me, but my connection was only online sites. Three days later I rode with a friend for a dinner gathering, I had no idea of the name, but felt immense gratitude when we arrived at San Miguel restaurant. Thank you Marcel.

– Larla Playter

Wow wow wow !!!!! Me and my husband went to Marcel and had no idea what to expect. I must say what an experience, I didn’t want it to end! This guy knew things only I would know. He was incredible the whole experience was exceptional. He was such a nice person very patient and honest and went over an hour on time!! After leaving the room I felt a weight had been lifted and my grief and sadness was almost gone!! We connected with everyone who we wanted to connect with. We will go back!

– Kerry Emson-smith

Just had my first reading with Marcel. My friend was with me and we both came away impressed. This was on the phone. He is the real deal and took his time translating to us for our loved ones. He was spot on for both me and my friend in spite of some relatives having fun at Marcels expense. Overall I came out with a lot to think about but above all peace of mind. Great experience and will definitely schedule another reading. Thank you Marcel.

– Mary Pearce

Wow. All I can say is wow. This was the first time I have ever met with a medium. The recent passing of my stepdad prompted me to go with hopes of having some sort of communication with him. I was really impressed with the whole process. Marcel was able to translate proof to me from my loved ones on the other side. I was given much reassurance that my stepdad was there, in the room with us, telling Marcel what to say. I have no doubts about the after life now. Thank you Marcel!

– Kari Hill

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I found Marcel shortly after my husband's death. I needed to connect with my husband and I am so happy that I found Marcel. Not only was Marcel able to connect with my husband, my parents were there as well. I left with a feeling of "calmness", something I had not felt since the death. I have listened to the reading (so grateful that Marcel sends a recording of the session) and felt even more connected, hearing things that I somehow missed during the session. Looking forward to returning!

– Julie Gould

My adult son and I went to see Marcel. To say it was an amazing experience is an understatement. I went in cautious but open to the experience. Marcel spent the first bit explaining what to expect and I appreciated this info because it set the tone for the session. The things he brought up couldn't have been lucky guesses or by watching us. I left with a sense of healing and that I could begin to look forward and stop reliving the past.

– Delanie Alcorn

My session with Marcel was certainly positive and eye opening. Surprisingly there were quite a few of my family who came to visit during the session. Marcel was able to define who they were and where they fit in my familial line. It became obvious that they were still a work in progress and that their physical death here has not stopped them from continuing on with their lives where they are now. This became obvious through their messages SB5REand I thank you Marcel.

– Kay Brott

I highly recommend Marcel for a reading. Working with the spirit team, he spoke about subjects only I and my immediate family could know about. His compassion, honesty and composure during the reading was a breath of fresh air.

– Matt Pons

Excellent in every respect. Not only accurate but relevant and actionable.

– Meghan Horton

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My experience with Marcel was overwhelming. I could not have imagined a more healing and comforting session. He put me right at ease and was sensitive to my emotions. He was very kind and had a genuine interest in helping me to connect to my loved ones. I am so very grateful!

– Fiona Grace

As this was my first reading, I was nervous but Marcel put me at ease right away with his easily understood instructions and explanations of what I was to expect. His reading was "right on" immediately. Marcel went over and above my expectations. He was not hurried and all my questions were answered. I left his beautiful and comfortable office refreshed and encouraged after connecting with my loved ones.

– Carol Karnes

This was my first medium experience and it was the best decision I've ever made. The accuracy and connections to my spirit team was so magical and comforting. Would 100% recommend and will 100% be back! Thank you, Marcel!

– Mamie Tomlin

I had a surreal experience. I went in with a LOT of apprehension and doubt. Soon after I reached there I felt relaxed and lot of warm energy. All the things Marcel had shared about my family (from another country) were super accurate. There is no way he would have know any of it !! I truly experienced the continuity of life. My loved ones are all with me in spirit it’s just their bodies that have been dropped. Just a 2 hour session was pathbreaking for my healing. I am so thankful for this !!

– Anisha Akella

Marcel was spot on about everything and everyone on my spirit team. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Thank you!!

– Rebecca Banks

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I think that Marcel has a wonderful ability. He is very detailed, patient, and direct. It was my first experience getting a reading from a medium. He explained that we all have these abilities, even-though I would rather go through him. I had trouble giving up control. I think that I wanted things to go my way. He helped me to realize that spirits have a say also. I had to open my heart, then they brought the truth that was so needed. Marcel is the real thing. I will see him a him again.

– Renee Carter

Our session with Marcel was amazing, words won’t even do justice. My mother and I recently lost someone we love so it felt great to know that your loved ones are really with you every step of the way even though they may not be here physically. I truly appreciate this experience and recommend Marcel. His upbeat, honest and patient personality made it such a relaxing experience. As a first timer, it’s important to be around someone who focuses on your healing process after losing a loved one.

– Jalanna George

Loved the reading it was my first time ever going to a medium. I always wanted to go but was skeptical. Marcel has everything you need to see it is indeed the real deal. Like he said we can all tap into it as well. Will definitely do a follow-up.

– Mishelle Jenkins

Marcel was wonderful! We connected with my loved ones and they shared info Marcel couldn’t possibly know. A peaceful and joyful experience!!!!

– Alyce Green

My reading was amazing! I felt very comfortable and relaxed. He was spot on with everything he told me. I felt so much peace after I left. I think everyone should treat themselves to a reading at least once. I have several friends who are going to schedule with Marcel after hearing about my experience. Best gift I ever gave myself. Im so excited to get my audio so I can listen to our session again.

– Melinda Soto

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I have to say that Marcel has an incredible gift. After a friends recommendation, I decided to finally reach out. What an incredible experience! This reading brought me peace and clarity and I am forever grateful for the information that I received from my spirit team. I must warn you though, if you have dirty laundry that needs airing out or skeletons in the closet, your spirit team will spill the tea so be careful if your doing it with a partner or S.O. You never know what gets exposed.

– Jessica Castaneda

The reading/meeting was so accurate and changed my life. It helped more than years of therapy. It has taken me a long time to submit my review because what I was being warned about came true shortly afterwards. Having someone being able to talk to the same spirits I do and know things that only them and I know was truly overwhelming.

– Rah Stitchez Abraham

Working with Marcel to communicate with my spirit team/ancestors has been profoundly helpful in my life, spiritual connections, and growth as an individual. To be able to communicate with loved ones through this experience is is truly something to cherish. Through Marcel's gift, I have been able to receive guidance and have important parts of my healing journey illuminated from some of the people who know and love me best. I am so grateful for Marcel's tremendous efforts in this great work!

– KT Ehrlinger

Marcel is Awesome, he educated us first on what to expect and how spirits communicate with him. Very satisfied client, he was able to connect with several loved ones of mine. I would definitely recommend him.

– Lexia Barron

Went in with an open mind and no expectations, only hopes and it was a great experience. We will be back.

– Lauren Mills

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Marcel is the real deal! I wasn't sure what to expect, but was hoping at the very least that my loved ones would show up for me. Marcel walked me through the process, explained how communication works, helped prepare my brain for the encounters we'd experience. He has a very calming presence. What happened blew my mind, and I am 100% sure that my life is forever changed. I slept better than I have in almost two years the night after the reading. This is worth every penny! Thanks, Marcel!

– Laura Richardson

Marcel gave me a really good reading. Almost everything he said landed. It helped get me through the day. I heard from everyone I wanted and exactly no one I didn’t. It wasn’t like “I have an older energy here”… it was weirdly (in the best way) specific. It was truly impressive and I will probably go again. His rates are quite reasonable. He spent over the two hours I paid for with me… it was a really nice thing to do.

– Shawn Johnson

I went to Marcel after a referral from a friend. Not only was Marcel “The Real Deal” and connected with many of our departed relatives, he also cared and keep the session going until our love ones were down sharing with us. Marcel is an amazing medium and a really good person! I intend on doing additional sessions with him and highly recommend booking a session with Marcel - a truly life changing experience!!

– Joe Shankle

Great reading! It was my first time doing this and marcel exceeded my expectations. I would totally recommend him, we felt connected with our loved ones Time just flew by.

– Sara Arreola

I enjoyed Marcel’s process. He’s very thorough and meets you where you are. Being led by him in this journey to my Spirit Guides was absolutely essential and beautiful. I can’t thank him enough. For those considering his services: it’s so important, but deeply exhausting. Prepare yourself. He’s gonna make you work!

– Amber Friel

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For 4 years I played with the thought of seeing a medium. I found Marcel in Bob Olson’s directory. Decided to finally make appointment I took a guest with me. He was professional, compassionate & thorough.The 2 hour session ended up over 3 hours. Spirit connections were on point especially for my friend. A person I hoped to hear from didn’t have much to say.That wasn’t Marcel’s fault.Later that night Marcel sent a text.My husband had more to relay to me.I highly recommend him.I’ll see him again!

– Debbie Hildenbrand

Thank you Marcel for taking time with me and showing me just how much you truly care. I know we had a difficult time connecting to my spirits, but I still enjoyed all the information I received.

– Dawn Dove

My session with Marcel was eye opening. Things he mentioned I know for a fact that my people were there. I didn’t leave feeling complete initially, but that takes nothing from my session, however I did something Marcel told me to do and EVERYTHING has come full circle. I’ll definitely be booking another session this year. Take that jump, and please go with a very open mind. Thanks Marcel for helping me to connect with my spirit team.

– Tee King


I went in to this with my doubts like most do not know if it the real thing or a fraud but I'm convinced without a doubted that Marcel is the real deal!!!I recommend if you want to connect to a loved one that you have lost you go to Marcel he told me things that only those closest to you could know and something even they wouldn't know. So definitely do a reading with Marcel and see for yourself I guarantee you won't be disappointed!it definitely gave me a little more closure.

– Traci Colgin

AMAZING. arrive a disbeliever, proven quality

– patricia davis

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Marcel's readings have been truly transformative for me. He is thorough and patient while working with you and your spirit family, making sure to convey every last message. I continue to recommend him to friends and family. If you're ready for a deep dive, take it with Marcel. You won't regret it.

– by Kiona Cloud

Marcel is absolutely amazing; the atmosphere was so welcoming and Marcel is truly gifted. If you have any questions or want to connect with past love ones I will highly recommend you book a session with Marcel. Thank You, for everything.

– Carlos Allen

Marcel has a gift for tapping into the next life, what I think of as another dimension of life and consciousness, and bringing that knowledge and awareness into our current 3D reality. He mentioned many things about my present and past that were not google-able, and he was committed to honesty and truth. With kindness and a sense of humor, he broached some topics that have weighed heavily on my mind and apparently on the minds of my loved ones. God bless you, Marcel, and many thanks.

– Julia Reinburg

My time with Marcel was priceless. I was able to connect with my mom and grandparents and get to hear that they are all ok and happy and to hear their advice. I have no doubt in my mind that he is the real deal, he asked so many questions that led to information that no one would know without living in my house or knowing my family history. This was so worth it and I would do it again and again.

– Courtney Lamrock

I was recommended to Marcel through a family friend. My sisters were hesitant to take the leap of faith but for me it was torally the opposite. He explained everything thoroughly and then began the reading. I had so many spirits show up that I never expected. The information he conveyed to me theough spirit were things only my loved ones who crossed over would know. It was intriguing and I would definitely recommend him as a way to reach out to those who have passed on. Amazing!!

– Connie Gotz

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I really enjoyed my reading with Marcel. He was spot on on so many things in my reading. He definetly has a connection with the other side and his approach is organized and well thought out. I definitely recommend his as a medium in the Dallas area.

– Mary Henry

Absolutely amazing! Everyone in spirit that I hoped would come through did and others came through too! This was one of the best readings that I have ever had. I know that my loved ones in sprit are always with me. Thank you so much for the amazing reading.

– Jonathan Hesser

My sister, sister in law, and myself went to see Marcel. He was absolutely amazing! We left there and talked for hours afterwards about everything he shared with us. He is definitely the real deal!

– Paulette Schreiber

What an incredible experience. I’ve had multiple readings with mediums before, but Marcel’s reading was over the top. He was so spot on. He sent a recording of the reading & after I listened to it, I was even more blown away. You miss things during the live reading. I’m grateful to have the recording. I recommend him 100%, you won’t regret it.

– Christina Biamonte

In desperation and reluctance, I reached out to Marcel during the most devastating time of my life. He was calm, funny, practical, kind, caring, and most of all SPOT ON with things he shared with me. This wasn't just a one time "grab and go" situation; Marcel taught me to SEE the signs from my precious beyond words daughter. To this day, she and I communicate and I give God the glory for giving Marcel the gift, and I give thanks to Marcel for sharing his gift. Love and Light to all~

– Teri Race

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I attended a group event/ reading and it was absolutely amazing. The event was amazing and the people that attended were fully engaged. I highly recommend.

– Rita Lucero

Marcel is the Real Deal, I’ve had 4 different sessions with him, and I can’t to schedule with again, Marcel is honest and trustworthy, he suggested that I take the needed time to deal with the grief of losing my husband prior to scheduling another Reading, he also made me aware of the fact that I could also connect with my Spirit Team, and I have. And although he says that he doesn’t have The Gift, maybe his terminology is different, in my opinion he does, and not for financial gain.

– Sue Jones

I had the pleasure of seeing Marcel a few months before the pandemic started at a group setting. It was amazing how exact he was in regards to my multiple loved ones that came through. It brought me to happy tears.

– Cynthia Schmidt

Marcel is a fantastic medium. I learned so much during our reading, that I sent several friends to him, and they all raved about their readings, as well. If you are questioning whether or not to pull the trigger, then don’t. You won’t regret it!

–Aimée Gallo

Psychic was absolutely amazing. I went into the session not knowing what was going to happen, bit once I went in and went through the entire session I knew there was just so many things neither myself or science can explain. My session helped me with a lot, and the psychic even gave me extra time to make sure I got everything I wanted out of it. Overall an amazing experience and 100% legitimate. If you read this review ever, thank you so much.

– Raquel Foster

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Marcel was incredible. I will forever be grateful for this reading. It brought so much peace and understanding to know that my loved ones are safe and with me. He truly is the real deal. I will 100% recommend him to anyone who is struggling w healing.

– by Chelswa Rennie

My mother and I had a reading with Marcel and I am still processing all the valuable information we received. Marcel was able to identify all four of my Guests of honor that I had preselected in my head before we began the reading, he was also able to identify all of my mother’s guests of honor as well. It was truly an eye opening experience for the both of us. He is able to tell you the details that aren’t searchable via internet and I mean precise details at that. He is very talented!

– by Grant Jeter

This was awesome. I challenge the skeptical all the time. I went into this with an open mind and was floored. I got confirmation on some questions I had, and a couple of surprises along the way. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with Marcel and highly recommend you give him the chance to help you too. Amazing gift.

– Amanda Kelley

I brought my mom & sister for our first ever experience with a medium. Marcel exceeded our expectations & it will be something we never forget. He has a great personality & the way he explains things to you really let’s you know that he truly cares for his clients. If you are on the fence about booking an appointment.. don’t be!! You are in good hands & will not be disappointed. Our time with Marcel is something we will talk about for the rest of our lives.

– Payton Hopking

We had an amazing experience. Marcel is kind and funny which made us feel comfortable after being anxious for this session. There were 4 of us in the session, if this review helps anyone I would suggest only 1 or 2 people to the session because we had a full house pretty much with the 4 of us. It was a heartfelt experience and I cant wait to go back.

– Monica Delossantos

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I was a little skeptical at first, as anyone would be but this man knew things that he absolutely could not have known without truly having a gift. He’s brought me much closer to my spiritual side and gave me a connection with my father that I wouldn’t have had, otherwise.

– Kyla Morgan

This was my second reading and it was spot on both times! I left feeling so much lighter and more in touch with the loved ones that surround me daily! I recommend it to anyone

– Preston Watson

My first time with a medium, i was extremely skeptical. But let me tell you, that this was one of the best experience of my life. Marcel, was so courteous and informative. Also, he was able to satisfy what i was looking for. I am more at peace.. Thank you Good Sir!

– Hilary Reyna

Marcel is great. This reading was a delightful experience for me and my sister. We got to hear some great words from our loved one’s who have left us. It was encouraging and uplifting to know how they remain with us! I highly recommend Marcel!

– Michelle Barba

What An amazing special experience my aunt and I had with marcel , truly felt like we got to spend time with our loved ones who crossed over ! He is the real deal and highly recommend doing a reading with him ❤️

– Heather Plaz

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Marcel was fantastic! He helped me connect to some of the most meaningful people in my life. I will always cherish that time spent "together". Thanks, Marcel!

– Michael Hanlon

This was an amazing and life changing experience for me. I'm blessed to have been able to have Marcel do the reading. The connections were incredible and accurate. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. I couldn't have asked for more. Marcel is an incredible person - honest, kind, caring and funny. I'm looking forward to working with him and my spirit team again. If you have been considering a reading, just do it, you won't be disappointed.

– Michele Biasi

Thank you for the wonderful reading Marcel. You put us immediately at ease, explaining the process and your approach to reading. We wish to extend our sincere gratitude for connecting us with our loved ones. . . It has been deeply meaningful and heart warming. Your reading was on point and even after the session, the messages that we couldn’t figure out made sense. It just validated your credibility more. Your compassion throughout your informative readings are encouraging.

– Jonathan Pallera

Marcel is an amazing Medium with a true genuine gift for contacting loved ones that have departed.I had a session with him recently and what he told me was very accurate and personal and there was no way he could have known this except through direct communication with my Spirit Team.Marcel is also very kind and he has integrity, a rare quality in today's world.Thank you Marcel.I look forward to my next session with you.

– France Clausius

I just love Marcel, he made me feel very comfortable about terrible situations in my life. I accepted apologies from people who had not treated me kindly and it has taken a huge load off my shoulders. I will definitely go again he was sincere and genuine.

– Lorna Ross

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My husband and I had a wonderful session with Marcel. We were able to connect with my husband’s mother and father who have both passed. The specificity and details that Marcel was able to communicate gave us both the peace and understanding of the afterlife that we both needed to help us continue to heal. We are incredibly grateful for the gift that Marcel shared with us.

– Annie Harlow

My session with Marcel provided exactly what I was looking for. He grasped the essence of the energies associated with me and was able to express their personalities and messages in a way I wasn’t expecting. I left feeling lighter and a little more hopeful and able to connect with the spirits I was seeking on my own. He didn’t rush through the session and made sure I was comfortable throughout. A great overall experience.

– Tausha Krebsbach

I was given this at Christmas from my mother and it absolutely was an amazing gift. I was skeptical and curious going in and Marcel immediately eased my nervousness. The skill he showed in communication with my spirit team was amazing and done with great professionalism. I look forward to a future reading with Marcel.

–Katie Morgan

Marcel Cairo was amazing!! He was able to channel our loved ones. He was SO accurate! I have had readings before but he is excellent! It was enjoyable and relaxing. This is well worth the money!!! I will be going again to see him again. He channeled our loved ones who had very good advice on what we need to work on. We are also going to give my daughter a reading for her birthday. That's a great present to give!!

– Donna Wagner

Best reading I ever had, I would say everything that came through for me was very accurate. I went to Marcel for future guidance and through him my spirit team gave me what I needed to move forward in life. Marcel You are most Appreciate it mom thank you.

– Danielle Fultz

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I’ve been struggling internally for years. Meeting with Marcel and connecting with my spirit team revealed several issues I’ve been facing. I not only feel better knowing more about myself, but relieved that my spirit team is with me every step of the way. Marcel is so kind and his ability is truly remarkable. If you are considering booking a reading, you absolutely should.

– Ashley Strine

Very insightful and healing sessions. Would highly recommend.

– Debbie McNutt

Marcel was the first Medium I have ever been too, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. From the beginning, he had me a true believer. He probably knows more about me than most now since my Spirit Team decided to share a lot that no one else would know. He taught me how to open myself up and to be open to things from my Spirit Team. I would highly recommend him if you are looking to see a Medium. I’m looking forward to going again!

– Meg Daniel

As my first experience with a medium, honestly, I was somewhat skeptical at first. But there is no doubt in my mind that my loved ones were there communicating from the other side. There were details in the reading that blew my mind and gave me clear validation that our loved ones are near, they know what is going on in our lives, and they try to help us. Even the sense of humor of my loved ones was spot on. I encourage you to give Marcel the opportunity! He is the real deal. Thank you Marcel!

– Aaron Lansford

After having a Very positive experience with Marcel Cairo, I wanted to share with others so they may be 'open' to having their own positive experience. Marcel explains the goals and the purpose of the visit to ensure an authentic visit. I was in need of reassurance from my spirit guides that my life is moving in the direction that's best for me.There were some surprises and some emotional moments.I highly recommend Marcel. I hope you take the time to open your mind. Amazing Medium!

– Michelle Dow

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Another GREAT session with Marcel. Such a pleasure to work with such a wonderful conduit to my Spirit Team. He's the best; love him, you will too.

– Lisa Worobey

Marcel makes you feel at ease and comfortable, this was my first session and I will be going back. He truly gave me information that is not widely known. It was a great experience and I felt at peace at the end of the reading

– Melanie Pearce

Once again, Marcel has done it. My session left me feeling excited and impressed. I know that my spirit team is working with me and for me, and I finished the session with a sense of accomplishment that I now know specific things I need to do. Thank you again for being amazing!

– Rob Rodenparker

Amazing! Marcel is truly wonderful! His readings are spot on. This was the first time I have had a medium reading where I wasn’t left with more questions. Not only was it so lovely to hear from my cherished loved ones but to bring thru there humour was so heart warming! I am so truly grateful Marcel!

– Ella Dillion

Marcel was refreshing. I was very comfortable with him from the moment we started talking. The session was emotional but also fun and enjoyable for me because the experience was like solving a mysterious spiritual puzzle. Thank-you Marcel. I am truly grateful. I had a few questions at the beginning of the session most of which were answered. And I was thankful as it was an opportunity for much needed closure.

– Joshita Damodar

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I was introduced to Marcel Cairo by my sister and brother-in-law. His readings are unlike anything I have encountered before. The reading allows for a certain amount of interaction with the process, which I find comforting. It also requires thinking outside the box, which is where I tend to spend most of my time. There was no fishing for information, yet he offered specific information. When we were finished, I felt like I had been through a cathartic counseling session. Thank you, Marcel!

– Ginny Macnamara

Once again, Marcel did a great job! This was our second reading and Spirit came through loud and clear for me and my wife. Our career goal concerns were thoroughly addressed, among other things that needed to be brought to light. Marcel is awesome! To us, he's proven to be truly legitimate and effective in relaying Spirit's communication. I recommend Marcel Cairo to anyone in need of guidance from their spirit team/loved ones.

– Robert Mason

I’m not sure what to say. My experience was overwhelming but in a good way. I came in with an open mind and heart wanted to hear from a recently passed loved one. It was completely different than I expected. I’m still processing everything I learned and heard. Marcel’s the real deal!!!

– Kirsten Runkel

I had my first reading with Marcel Cairo yesterday. He is the real deal and his methods move the spirit conversation in a step by step fashion. I sincerely appreciated his "set up" conversation and also the interaction with my spirit team. I have had a few readings with other mediums in the past and Marcel's abilities far exceed theirs. I'm looking forward to a follow up session with him and my spirit team in a few months.

– Jeffrey Kanis

My session with Marcel Cairo was truly amazing. Helped me to gain some insight into things I have struggled with. It has allowed me to feel a connection to important people in my life that have passed, to open my subconscious. Marcel helps you feel at ease. I had scheduled the reading as a surprise for my boyfriend, wasn’t sure what to expect but it was better than I ever imagined.

– Cara Byford

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I recently had a second reading with Marcel and it was just as amazing as the first one. I have no doubts that he was connecting me with my husband.

– Christy Sroka

Marcel spent a lot of time in the beginning carefully explaining how he works and what was needed from me to facilitate this conversation with my team. He has a unique way of working through his own personal signs and symbols, although the most memorable moment was when my mother came through directly to identify herself and my horse! Marcel is extremely generous with his time, and yet for all the time he gave me, the reading still felt too short!

– Kim Stevens

Thanks Marcel for a great experience! I will forever have the special gift of connecting with my spirit team thanks to you!

– Cat Green

Marcel Cairo. I recently got to have a session with Mr Cairo. He was very polite, kind and professional. I did not know what to expect. Would this encounter be a con a circus trick. No. No. Instead I believe Mr Marcel allowed me to learn of a part of our world I did not know truly existed. Like a learned professor guiding and teaching his student. Marcel has a great gift. My spirit team shared things with him that he would not know. I want to have another session. I want another visit.

– Alice Litteken

This is the first time I’ve had a real in-depth reading that connected me with my deceased loved ones. I’m new to this, but Marcel first explains the process. Then moves on to greet your loved ones in spirit. He allows plenty of time for the process, and I felt like he really cared that I have the best experience, even though I was nervous. He relayed messages that convinced me these were actually my family & loved ones. I received one special message I had longed to hear from a love. Thank you.

– Margot Spiller

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I recently had my first medium reading with Marcel. While I don't have much to compare this session to I feel like he was accurate and sincere. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a true connection to the other side.

– Karen Bradford

Marcel has a wonderful gift helping those that long for answers from loved ones that have passed. His kind and truly caring personality is one that is so comforting. I was in awe the entire session! He was spot on with all of the things he told me. There was no possible way he could have known any of those things. My heart was so sad when I came to see him, but it was full of love and hope when I left. If you have questions, Marcel is the one! You will leave knowing your loved ones were there!

 Sandy Thomas

Check out Marcels website, then schedule your reading; what you read on his site,( The Good Medium) is true.In fact I believe his site should be called The Best Medium.If you value honesty and integrity as well as an extraordinary ability to connect to spirit/the other side/ across the vail/afterlife/deceased loved ones; etc, however you term it, he's your guy.

– Lisa Worobey

--This was my first reading with a medium and I wouldn't think of using anyone else. Marcel Cairo was insightful and helped me communicate with the spirit world in a way that made me a believer. He was on point with his ability to communicate with those I wanted to understand more and his ability to take it further to help me understand how my spirit team is there for me - always pulling for me and available to me. He is fantastic -- I'll be back again!

– Jill Scannell

Had my 1st session a few days ago. I was impressed. Definitely felt Spirit was there. This was such an emotional, uplifting & amazing experience. Looking forward to continuing with spiritual mapping sessions. If your searching ( as I was ) for an authentic medium...I believe you've found the right site. Now to process & implement all that Spirit was conveying during my session.

– Karla Hendrixson

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My best friend gave me a “Birthday Reading” as her gift and we both went together! Let me just say it was the best gift and I’ll remember this Bday FOREVER! Marcel is the real deal” and was able to connect me with several of my family and friends and brought up things that NOBODY would know! I left feeling so happy and ready to use the information to improve my life that night! I will recommend his services to everyone that I know that is spiritual and open to improving their life!❤️

– Trish Hanlon

My session with Marcel was fun, accurate, and meaningful (and my spirit family features some real pains in the butt, so working with us is no small feat!). In short, I had a blast and I look forward to another reading someday.

– Meg Wharton

Marcel came highly recommended by a very dear friend of mine. This was the first time I had a session with a medium & I liked it very much. Marcel is a truly wonderful human being & he made me feel very comfortable and safe right from the beginning. He was very generous with the time & energy he spent on me & I will absolutely book him for a follow up session. You will leave his place knowing that your spirit team is there to support you & which areas in your life they want you to work on.

– Anja Yamaji

Marcel Cairo is a very insightful and intuitive medium. He was very professional yet warm and friendly with his delivery. My daughter and I were very impressed. And found peace from our reading. We look forward to our next session.

– Rena Harshaw

The Reading given by Marcel was like a stroll down memory lane. He spoke of things no one could have possibly known. He was comforting and Accurate. I found his honesty to be refreshing. Anyone that has not given it a try should. He is truly The Good Medium. Marcel, Thank you.

– Shelly Smith

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Meeting with Marcel was a unique experience. I found his skills to be fascinating. He truly has a gift (even though he doesn’t call it that himself). Our reading validated for us that our loved ones are near by and support us through our physical world journey every day. Although different than I expected, I am grateful for the chance I had to connect with my loved ones on the other side with Marcel’s help. I would recommend having a reading with Marcel.

– Deborah Newell

In the days following my reading, I was taken aback by the things that were revealed to me. Everything lined up and made perfect sense. And evidence along with it. Marcel bravely gave me a pointer from my Spirit Team that helped me to improve my own journey and abilities. My deceased relatives have confirmed Marcel's reading accuracy several times. I am still learning from the reading with Marcel days later. Do it and give yourself time time to comprehend afterward. Love to all.

 Brenda Harris

Marcel was not the first medium I reached out to, but he was the most specific and by far the best. He told me personal information about my relationship with my spirit team, and was dead on with everything. I went into this reading not knowing how I would feel when I left, and he certainly put me in a better head space knowing that my loved ones are still here. Not only that, but he speaks words of encouragement into you, and it helps. I wished my reading with Marcel could’ve lasted forever.

– Kyla Myles

My mom and I went for a reading with Marcel and we were very impressed. He was very spot on. He knew things about me that literally no one knows, which blew my mind. It was so nice to be able to connect with our loved ones. I highly recommend him!

– Christina Whitewitch

This was an amazing experience. Marcel made us feel so comfortable. Today I feel different, happier. Thank you Marcel for this gift.

– Lauren Love

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Thank you, Marcel, for a wonderful session. I highly recommend him. He thoroughly explained the process, and there is no doubt that he communicated with my spirit team. He clearly translated messages and never rushed through any part of the reading. His accuracy was amazing. The messages I received were what I needed to hear. It was a great experience, and I cannot wait to go back!

– Pat Neal

This was exactly what I needed when I needed it! There were specifics that couldn't have been "guessed" or even researched that were spoken about. Marcel was absolutely amazing and is highly recommended. He did not rush or "fish" for information. Marcel made sure to only get yes or no responses and quickly stopped me if I accidentally started to overtalk. If I am ever in Texas I will see him in person. Thank you again for helping guide me on this extremely difficult journey

– Mel Lambert

I decided to go with Marcel when looking for a credible medium, never met him, just drawn to his ad and the reviews..I was in an awful awful state of mind, having just gone through a tragedy the week pryor. The things Marcel told me, he had absolutely no way of knowing, especially with the details and personalities of my spirit team. There's just no denying that he is truly gifted, the real deal. He helped me in my dark time find light def. Will have another session , thank you Marcel ❤️

– Heidi Witherow

If you are struggling with the loss of a loved-one, if believe that life is eternal and you believe in the Spirit world, then you need to schedule a session with Marcel. He is the real thing. He will help you with your struggles.

– Ben Moore-Rodriguez

I am objective and critical but not a disbeliever. I am confident that Marcel has special insight and abilities. He provided a very comfortable environment and 'method' for the reading. I appreciated Marcel's professionalism and ability to interpret and convey communication.

– Lee Hoyt

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I had my first reading with Marcel Cairo and was very pleased with our meeting. He explained things in great detail beforehand, then was able to help my loved ones on the other side communicate with me. Some family members I hadn’t even expected. Would recommend ❤️

– Josie Jackman

My reading was one of the most unique experiences of my life. Marcel will lead you down your path to your loved ones and help you seek healing, understanding, and peace. Thank you Marcel for this experience.

– Teresa McMurray

Seeing Marcel is one of the best decisions I have ever made! It was truly one of the most incredible experiences and I cannot thank him enough. I was able to get answers and guidance from my loved ones which left me feeling much more at peace and like a weight had been lifted. I can’t wait to continue this journey with him and my spirit team! If you are debating whether or not to see him, DO IT. You will not be disappointed!

– Nicole Cleary

The details from the reading were on point. You can’t get it from social media or anything that is public out there. Very eye-opening and seals my belief in the afterlife.

– Jeannie Buckman

I had doubts and didn't believe in Medium's thought they were scammers but when i took a leap on faith to get answers Marcel told me things that only me and my spiritual team knew no doubt he is the real deal and is worth going to and more. You hardly say anything and that's how i know cause he don't ask you question to get his results 100% Amazing, Awesome, Legit.

– Dennis McMurray

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I cant even lie, I didnt really know what to expect going in to the reading. I knew what i wanted to get out of it and got so much more. Such a sense of relief and calming. Marcel has such a gift and i appreciate that he could connect my sister and I to our dad, as well as some other very important people in our lives. Book your appointment NOW!

– Amanda Jenni

My session with Marcel was extremely enlightening. He knew details that could not have been known otherwise and made my feel he was truly communicating what my loved ones wanted me to know. He was able to share the information I needed and I am forever thankful to him. Definitely worth it!!

– Lorraine Rush

Marcel is AMAZING! Since the unexpected, traumatic death of my husband, I have seen Marcel twice. There are times that I feel like I have gotten more from time with Marcel than my counselor. He was able to hit on exactly what it is I needed to hear from my husband to help me get through. My journey with my spirit team has just begun and Marcel is the perfect person to help guide me.

– Collette Bistodeau

Thank you Marcel – my time with you was precious beyond measure. It was so enlightening to hear his approach. Very early into the reading, there was no question that he is spot on!! This gifted man is the real deal. You delivered information in a clear, understandable manner, in spite of my multiple interruptions – my apologies for that. I would be happy to provide my email or phone number is anyone is hesitant, to clarify for you his gifts and talents.

– Leslie landsberg

Marcel is a genuine gifted medium. He is the real deal! He utilizes his gift to help you connect and receive information that your loved ones wish you to have Marcel is kind, thoughtful, and encouraging. Cannot rate him highly enough.

– Dottie Hyde

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Having Marcel guide me on my journey was a privilege and a gift. Marcel cultivates a safe space for you to mindfully approach, embrace, and explore your relationship with your spirit team and the boundaries of traditional “reality”. There is nothing phony or questionable about his methods or his connection with Spirit. Booking a session with him was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Thank you, Marcel.

– Ann Horn

My husband passed away very sudden and tragically. After researching I decided to do a reading with Marcel. I was nervous but he was great at making me feel comfortable. It was an amazing reading. My husbands personality came through so strong. I received many confirmations that it was my husband communicating with me. I am so grateful that I was able to connect with him through Marcel.

– Christy Sroka

What a fantastic experience. One that I will not forget. If you are looking for a honest, educated, well balance session, Marcel is your guy. Don't wait book your appointment, you will not be disappointed. I don't know if the right words are that we got to speak to our spirit team, but we sure did validate they are with us. I believe!. Thanks Marcel.

– Lori Cummings

Marcel Cairo is amazing. I've had several readings with mediums and he was by far the best. His approach is calming with a bit of humor mixed in. He made me feel very comfortable and was able to provide insight into issues that helped me understand more clearly the spirit world and what my guides want to accomplish. He passed on messages from loved ones that were absolutely spot on and some that provided much needed relief and apologies from what transpired in the physical world.

– Mimi Zeller

Marcel is amazing! He is the real thing. I felt a lot of comfort after my session. I highly recommend him!

– Nancy Morton

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Really enjoyed my reading, i felt it was spot on,

– Laurie Long

My husband and I took audience with Marcel for a session. We were open to any messages coming in and we were not disappointed. We highly recommend Marcel for clarity and a better understanding of communicating and connecting with our spirit team (which can have our loved ones present). I enjoyed every moment of our session. I can’t recommend him enough!

– Nene Dean

Marcel is truly gifted in his abilities to communicate with our spirit teams. He also teaches you how to understand that you too can speak to them and have conversations. Another great thing about Marcel is that he is a very kind and genuinely loving man and not only will he connect you with your spirit team but he also will counsel you if needed on issues within your life. Highly recommend.

– Kelly Hoodwin

My time with Marcel was more than healing for me. During my session, we laughed with, and because of my spirit visitors. The messages I received I needed to hear and are reminders that my spirit team wants me to know they are there. I am not alone. Marcel takes his time to ensure the message is the right one for you and is truly engaged in the process of connecting you to your spirit team. His personality and skills make you feel at ease to be in a place to listen. Thank you Marcel.

– Vanessa Cole

I really enjoyed my reading. I felt very comfortable and left there feeling lighter and more hopeful. It has really helped me and my daughters in our healing process. Much of the information I received was spot on and has also helped me see alot that I didn't notice before.

– Theresa Parkinson

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Marcel is amazing!! Everything he asked and told me was so incredibly accurate. It was hard to believe he knew so much. Marcel is truly able to connect with my loved ones. I will definitely go to him again.

 Mary Matusiak

I have seen, over the years several mediums but never as connected as Marcel. It was a real experience and he brought forth two episodes in my life that I have never shared with anyone. He left me with a lot to think about and I will return and I will encourage others to do the same. Thank you, Marcel

– Sherri Mullins

I went for a second reading with Marcel and it was even better then the first time! I left feeling lighter, happier , and positive. The connection between ourselves and our spirit team is real, you have to trust the process and be open to it . Always blown away with how Marcel can connect and tell you things that nobody knows . It’s truly an amazing experience that everyone should try.

– Norma Carrasco

My session with Marcel was the first time I had truly attempted to connect with Spirit and loved ones passed, and it was undoubtedly a day that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I had been in so much pain due to loss, and now I can finally begin to heal knowing that Spirit is always with me to help find direction in my journey. I am forever grateful for Marcel's time, dedication, and ability to convey the messages sent by my Spirit Team. ❤️

– Greta Griswold

Marcel is a very credible and talented medium. I enjoyed meeting my spirit team. Everyone on my VIP list came through as did others with meaningful messages. Marcel is able to accurately translate the messages from Spirit and you have a clear understanding of both the message and who it came from. I highly recommend Marcel and the work that he does.

– Glen Sturrock

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Marcel Cairo is the most gifted medium I know. He brings forward evidence from loved ones and gives information in a orderly fashion.

– Christi Gardner

My reading with Marcel was amazing! He is so kind and positive. I’ve personally suffered the loss of several close family members and a friend in recent years and have had trouble coming to terms with their passing. Marcel was able to connect with them and I truly feel peace knowing they are all ok, happy and well! I know without a doubt I carry my loved ones with me now and always. Marcel’s reading has helped me heal and move forward and I can’t thank him enough.

– Jesica thompson

Marcel was very thorough in explaining the communication process and also very accurate with the information he relayed. I will definitely schedule another session in the future.

– Tara Pistorio

Marcel is Absolutely Amazing, he is definitely the real deal. I’ve had 3 readings with him, and I can’t wait until my fourth. I’ve also referred my Mother, and two of my Daughters, who had an amazing experience as well.

– Sue Jones

I was a very healing experience. I am so grateful for the peace I was able to find through the session.

– Deborah McNutt

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I just wanted to say that my experience with my reading was information to move me forward with an added outlook and confidence in my life. There were family members that came forth that each time I knew without a doubt who they were. The reassurance and even some direction they gave me for my life I will treasure. There were things brought up that Marcel could not have known and I’m grateful to him for being the vehicle for the experience.


– Renae Neal

The only way to describe a reading with Marcel is LIFECHANGING! He provides you with a deeper connection to your spirit team, & greater understanding of your life. Marcel is kind, patient ,informative, accurate, & most of all legit. After a session with Marcel I felt like I gained peace of mind, closure, clarity, confidence, & the ability to connect with my loved ones/spirit guides anytime I want or need to. Whether you’re seeking fun or facts, Marcel is the best!

– Georgia Wilson

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our reading with Marcel. He was very impressive and credible, not to mention a lot of fun to work with. His methods are unique and effective, and we were very impressed how he willingly changed his approach and even where he sat in the room based on what our spirit guides wanted him to do. We will DEFINITELY go see him again!

– Kevin Streufert

My reading with Marcel was absolutely life changing. I feel incredible peace after this two hour journey. I don’t want to say much more about the process as I think Marcel will lead anyone thru their personal story. His gift is truly amazing.

– Sarah Yates

I recently had a 2-hour session with Marcel, and was blown-away at how spot on he was with everything that came across. There was no way for anyone to know these very specific things that were articulated, and my purpose/hopes for scheduling the session were clearly met. I would highly recommend Marcel, his keen gift as a medium, his interest, knowledge and care with his craft are self-evident and was more than I could have anticipated. This session helped me at a time when I most needed it!

– Michael Vivien

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Marcel was very informative, professional and patient. He was a pleasure to work with.

– Angie Helms

I highly recommend Marcel to anyone. I came to my appointment troubled and I left with a huge weight lifted. This life journey is hard at times and I needed this service to help me move forward past the grief. Thanks Marcel for helping me get clarity.

– Crystal Thomas

Marcel is kind and caring. His reading are accurate. Truly a psychic.

– Abbie Katz

Marcel was wonderful! He further confirmed that we are simply spirits having a human experience. I couldn’t be more grateful to Marcel for helping me communicate with my loved ones

– Stacie Lavenia

I had an amazing experience with Marcel, he gave a very accurate reading in a peaceful atmosphere, I was very satisfied with my reading. He told me things that were troubling me and how it was affecting me and he helped me through it. This was my first experience with any type of reading and I was very impressed with Marcel! I highly recommend Marcel!

– Sherri Barnett

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Marcel was so kind and helpful. I felt at ease with him the minute I met him. He took his time with me on my reading. He was very connected with my spirit team and was able to connect me with them. I highly recommend Marcel to be your medium, you won’t be dissatisfied!

– Garland Barnett

If there was a medal for mediums, Marcel would have a neck full of gold medals! There is absolutely no doubt he was communicating with my departed loved ones because he said and knew very specific things about my relationships with those loved ones. If you’re wondering if you should try this, TRY IT! You won’t regret it.

– Jill Bond

I scheduled my session mostly due to curiosity, but I was hopeful as well. It was FASCINATING and totally credible - I was blown away. I will definitely be booking follow up sessions. Thank you, Marcel!

– Anna Stanley

I had a wonderful meeting with Marcel Their were a lot of things bought to light to me and I am so happy I went to this meeting. Marcel made me feel really comfortable and special.I look forward to having another meeting with him and my spirit team.I received a lot of closer of my husband. Thanks again for a very special meeting. 

– Sandra Allen

One word… WHOW. I was blown away by the kindness, accuracy and patience. My daughter and I had booked a first reading with Marcel. It was an experience I will never forget and cherish for the rest of my life. If you have any doubts, one reading with Marcel will certainly change your mind. He gives you such specific personal information nobody knows but you. I will certainly book a follow-up reading in the near future.

– Myriam Van Zwietering

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THE BEST experience hands down. I have always wanted to see a medium. Marcel is the real deal and I’m blessed HE was the one I was led to. He was able to connect with all 4 of my VIP’s, many “party crashers”, including some I never expected to hear from. My spirit team focused on the present and everything was pleasantly accurate and personal. Marcel is genuine, compassionate, thorough, kind, authentic, patient, and AMAZING!! I’m ready to schedule another appt Thank you Marcel for everything

– Melanie Holmes

Meeting with Marcel was such a wonderful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease. He is kind, compassionate and very good at what he does. My experience was therapeutic for me and I feel like I gained knowledge and tools to help me as I move forward on my journey. I would highly recommend anyone meeting with Marcel!

– Celeste Harris

Very authentic experience. This was my first time with a medium and I was very impressed with Marcels ability to share and relay what was being shown to him. Also he is very thorough with explaining the process prior to beginning the reading so for those that don't feel comfortable relax as the process is simple and peaceful.

– by william harris

Everything was great and SPOT ON! I was truly amazed!

– David Tucker

It feels overused, but Marcel is AMAZING!! I came to help me deal with grief from losing my husband. I feel like I got more from this reading than I did from my therapy. Marcel told me things he would have never known if he wasn't connected to my spirit team. He has inspired me to become more aware of my spirit team and to try harder to listen to them.

– Collette Bistodeau

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Marcel was kind, considerate, funny, and legit. He mentioned that leukemia kept popping up but I didn't know anyone that had it. About a few hours later I got a text stating that a relative was just diagnosed with leukemia. My late husband referenced some things that I related to and even his mother and father had something to say. I will definitely go back some other time.

– Denise Culver

It was a truly amazing experience. I am so glad I went!

– Dana Strong

It was an unbelievable experience. Marcel sure Gave me way more to think about then I anticipated. Still thinking!! No doubt Marcel knows exactly what he’s doing and how to help experience you time with him to the fullest. Thanks Marcel X1000 I’m doing my Homework

– Nora Bird

Wow!! I had no idea what to expect. This was my first time to connect with a medium and Marcel was amazing. He was very courteous and helped me deal with a lot of issues. Far exceeded any thing I could have imagined. So glad I met with him and would absolutely do it again.

– Shannon Ferguson

Marcel was a delight. I had a joint session with a family member. He was kind, insightful and really took his time. He hit the nail on some very important things and for that we are grateful.

– Stephanie Bruegg

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Healing! Helped transform feelings, grief, and loss to a better understanding, connection and comfort with my spirit team. Marcel was a great translator and teacher with open honest conversations. Truly amazing!

– Wendy Bener

This was my first experience with a Medium & I am so glad that Marcel was the one. He explained everything in detail prior to getting into the actual communication. He taught me how to work on opening my mind to allow Spirit to come in & work with me. I went in thinking that I would hear from my favorite passed relatives but another one that I didn't want to hear from came thru since my Spirit Team decided I needed to hear from him to help resolve past & future issues. Tough Luv from Beyond

– Kelly Turner

I met with Marcel last night and I can’t stop thinking about the amazing experience he helped me realize. I know he doesn’t want me to say he is gifted, but he is. He is gifted with his ability to communicate and speak to you and make you feel comfortable. If you are lost and need to help get back on track by your spirit guides, do not hesitate making an appointment with Marcel. ❤️

– Kelli Orpen

Loved my session with Marcel. He knew things about my “spirit team members” that he couldn’t have known if he wasn’t legit. At times I even felt my peeps over shared (not surprising). I am looking forward to another session soon. After my homework of course.

– Katie Tellor

Marcel, thank you so very much for our session. I am forever grateful for having this opportunity. You gave me what I didn't know that I even needed and I can move forward with those tools and knowledge. You are genuine, kind, funny, compassionate, non-judgmental and I can't thank you enough for helping me reach my loved ones and also helping them reach me. I would absolutely recommend you to any and everyone just like my mother and sister and grandmother recommended you to me.

– Lasondra Jones

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I had a reading with Marcel Cairo in 2007and again now this Thursday. I remembered him saying things which no one else knew and teaching md some important thing which McAfee made change my view point. This time too, I was not disappointed. He touched on things which was important to me. He was very insightful. I appreciate his readings. His readings prove people on the other side want to help us.


– Jay Srini

My best friend and I had a wonderful reading connecting to our past stories with our spirit teams. The process was facinating and enlightening. Marcel has learned how to listen to tidbits of information and work with the clients to paint the picture. He was also so flexible with us to make sure we received a good reading with our timeline of travel. We enjoyed very much.


– Diane Maxson

My friend and I had a wonderful experience with connecting to our spirit teams. The tidpits sent were clear, interesting and acurate. This was our first readings so don't have anything to compare it to, but the experience was uplifting and amazing. I wanted to hear more from specific loved ones, but that was my agenda and I was taught that the spirit teams have their own journey. Marcel was SO flexible with our schedule and that was appreciated. He has learned a wonderful way of helping people.

– Diane Maxson

This was my first experience with a medium, and I must say it was much more validating, elucidating and informative than I ever imagined it could be. Marcel was incredibly professional prior to and during our session. Rather than rush, he took the time necessary to explain his process and when the session ran long, he truly seemed to care that we were thorough in receiving what we needed to hear. And yes, he conveyed information that nobody could have known. Go for it. You will be pleased.

– Catherine McGee

Marcel is Absolutely Extraordinary, I found him to be very credible, and knowledgeable. He’s very kind, and compassionate I can’t wait for my second reading

– Sue Sledge-Jones

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Marcel was very kind and compassionate. A really great Medium. Thank you once again.

– April Sanders

Hands down the best session ever! His accuracy and abilities are unlike anything you will ever experience..I will definitely go back just not sure if there is a limit!!! Worth every penny for the closure and peace of mind I have gained!

– Jessica decandia

My phone reading with Marcel was really amazing. Life changing, really. He connected me with many family members. He was able to connect with my VIP, well two actually and knew specific details that he could never have known. He was helpful in trying to make me understand his process, although this is something I know I will need to work on. He takes the time to make sure his messages are accurate and was very generous with his time. If you are on the fence, just do it. I will go back again.

– Mary Long

The best experience ever... My review is to the people that are questioning inside if he will just take your money and not real.. Let me answer that for you all.. I booked & only paid for 2 hours and ended up getting 3, (3rd one free) he is very very professional, you will not leave without one single doubt in him. I truly appreciate the experience, the guidence and the message I received from my spirit team. Marcel, I truly appreciate your help, you're a blessing.

– Olivia Ramirez

Talking with Marcel was a very informative experience. He explained ways I might be able to communicate on my own... but first was able to bring forward several loved ones I had hoped to hear from. Helpful to know how life continues.

– Donna Quinter

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Very good at what he does, really helped with connecting!

– Damion Owens

My mom, boyfriend and I had a great session with Marcel. I was a little nervous beforehand but he made us feel super comfortable by explaining the process so we’d know what to expect. I reached out to him hoping to connect with my grandmother who is currently in a coma, and was very honest in stating that he may or may not be able to do so due to her being in between. But thankfully, he was able to reach her and many others. I’d definitely book another session with him in the future.


– Stasha Brown



I left this experience very enlightened.

– Keisha Legan

Incredibly healing, validating experience to open communication and strengthen my relationship with my spirit team. Marcel is very clear and transparent before and throughout the reading on what’s happening and how spirit is communicating. It was so positive, even in the challenging moments. I will treasure and learned so much from every moment. Do not hesitate to reach out to Marcel, it will be so meaningful and will truly bring peace and purpose in your life. So grateful.

– Faith Sanders

I can honestly it gave me a little closure of my dad. It truly made me open my eyes even more! Would definitely go back.

– Misty Whitson

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Meeting with Marcel was an amazing experience, he knew stuff that only parents and myself would only know. I know that sounds cleche (insert rolling eyes) but it’s true! So very true. He is amazing with his communication, he prefers yes and no answers. Seriously, what medium only wants yes or no answers, most want you to give detail. I will return for sure.

– April Rocha

Marcel is absolutely amazing if you have never had a reading you should definitely try him out. My experience was everything and more I could have sat in his office all night.The feeling I felt was just like my Mother and I were the only ones in the room. After 14 yrs without knowing she was right with me. Marcel has changed my Life for the better and I am forever grateful for him. Like I already told him I will definitely be BACK!!!! :)

– Nyeshia Rollings

Literally the best reading I've had. Not only did I get to connect to my loved one also received clarity and a bit of emotional counseling from the other side.

– Sarah Steele

First time... great experience

– Tiffany Yarbrough

I had a mapping session with Marcel. After Marcel had connected with my spirit team and conveyed the messages from them, I had a better understanding of my past and what my steps I need to take to achieve my future goals in life. After my husband passed away last year, I needed to know what my purpose was to continue living. Through Marcel, I was given encouragement from the loved ones to pursue a meaningful life. I am glad I had the reading with marcel.

– Grace Tachibana

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Marcel was spot on. My wife, daughter, & I set up a session as a family. We were amazed about how spot on he was when our spirit teams told him to let us know about certain things in our life that had made a significant emotional event & how it changed our lives. He was kind, warm, funny in his delivery of our messages especially those painful ones. I would 100% recommend & we will be back after we work on on the things our spirit team said we needed to focus on.

– Ruben Moreno

Coming to see Marcel I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. He is kind, compassionate and understanding. Absolutely amazing. Any doubts I ever had about having a spirit team were erased, I feel like a huge weight was lifted from me that I have carried since childhood, it’s a freedom I never knew existed. I would recommend anyone interested I a reading to go to Marcel!

– Melissa Bradley

This was my first experience with a medium, although I’ve watched many on television it was quite different to witness first hand. I have always believed that we all have different levels of consciousness it was very surreal to see such a gift in person. I wish my protection guide had stepped aside more but my messages were clear and well received thank you Marcel.

– Cindy Messina

Yesterday I had my first experience with a medium. I was nervous and filled with alot of emotions. Marcel made me feel comfortable and was very kind. I feel more connected to my daughter and a sense of comfort after loosing her 2 years ago. I highly recommend him and will be going back for future readings.

– Alisha Cruz

Recently I had my second phone reading (several years between readings) with Marcel and he made me feel like my spirit team was right there on the other end of the phone ! He worked with my spirit team to answer some questions I had and gave me some much needed closure! I would recommend Marcel Cario back then and now to anyone! Be prepared to laugh and cry ! Thank you Marcel for helping deliver the message I needed to hear!

– Jeanne Cobaugh


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I became curious about visiting medium after I'd been having recurring dreams about a departed family member.  A good friend told me about her great experience so I decided to take a road trip to visit Marcel in person ... I'm so glad I did. When I arrived, I felt calm and comfortable. He is very professional and explains the process in detail. My experience was wonderful and I really recommend him! He is a genuine person with a beautiful gift.

– Nilla Di Primio

The experience was exactly what I needed! Marcel was so welcoming and awesome. Coming in I was nervous and a bit skeptical, but I have clarity now more than ever. He never once asked me to tell him who I wanted to hear from or what I wanted to hear. The accuracy and information was spot on! The First experience with a medium and I am so happy it was with Marcel!

– Amanda Bowlby

I'm still processing the deeply profound reading I had with Marcel in March 2021. Marcel appears to be as much a healer as a conduit to our spirit team. He was able to relay critical messages I needed to hear now and do it with great compassion. I appreciate the deep effort he made to ensure I had a full understanding of the messages as well as the time he spent with me.

– Laura Spiegel

I felt very comfortable with Marcel, I really appreciated his method, and his honesty. Although he urged me to be open and receive my Loved Ones, I would really like to do another reading with him soon, as he captured and relayed the true essence of my Loved Ones in the Spiritual Realm. Thank you The Good Medium

– Sue Jones

This was my first time with a medium, and Marcel was nothing short of spot on accurate in everything he presented to me. I was skeptical at first, but in the first minute of our session I was made a believer. At no point was I ever uncomfortable. Great energy. Great connection. Great all around. I look forward to my next session.

– Diana Smith

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Marcel was amazing. He was very natural and authentic. The best experience that I’ve had.

– Errol Armstrong

It was cool, never experienced it was different and he actually spoke on things that hit home.

– Louis Smith

It was a really good experience and very much recommend.

– Jaymie Armstrong

This was an amazing experience! This was surpassed my expectations.

– Geneva Armstrong

It was all around a pretty great experience. I’d definitely recommend going. I’d possibly even go again.


– Adam Hathaway

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Marcels reading really surprised me. He communicated some things that only I knew. It was a very informative reading thank you Marcel!

– Adriana Ledesma

Marcel was great. He did a group reading for me and 3 close friends. He was insightful and the whole experience left us all feeling closer. Thank you Marcel.

– Alex Boyer

Marcel was amazing. I left feeling so much better about my life. The sadness that I had carried around for decades has lifted and my soul feels free. I would suggest anyone and everyone to go and see Marcel. I'd like to thank him so much for what he has done for me.

– Joan Elmore

Meeting Marcel was truly one of the best things to happen to me. He is so spot on. Every thought or question was addressed accurately and compassionately. I highly recommend him and will definitely seeing him again.

– Linda Revak

I had never been to a medium before. I had been skeptical prior to meeting Marcel. I am happy to say he was calm, comforting, informative, and true to what he does. It’s safe to say that I am no longer skeptical and more at peace after struggling from losing my brother. If you are trying to find someone, and especially nervous about it.. you do not need to look any further. My session with him was truly a day I will cherish forever. Thank you Marcel.

– Lillian Roan

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Marcel was great. Clearly explained the process and spent a ton of time with us. Even after the reading was over he continued to share information that was still presenting itself to him before he left our house. Genuine great experience.

– Steve Scott

We met with Marcel for a reading and didn’t really know what to expect. He immediately made us feel comfortable and gave us a clear idea of what was to come. Our session was nothing short of incredible. Marcel interpreted incredibly specific messages and identified/spoke about things with great care. He is respectful to spirit and to those in his physical presence. I would recommend a session with him to anyone, and I am so grateful for our time with him.

– Stephanie Schnelle

My reading with Marcel was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. He not only was able to reach my loved one, but he was able to capture nuances of her personality so well that I am certain it was really her. He also taught me how to be able to communicate with my loved ones myself, on my own, going forward. I can not thank him enough for the feeling of peace and closure he gave me. Simply amazing.

– Michelle Harding

This experience is amazing. Everyone should get a reading from Marcel Cario!! It is a life changing experience. There is zero doubt of authenticity. It is very clear from beginning to end that this guy is the real deal. Worthy EVERY penny and more. In fact, I fully attend to get another reading from him in the future and possibly more than one.

– Cassie Hazen

Marcel was not only able to give us information that validated our loved ones, he was also clear and transparent about the process. He was so generous with his time. He made sure we didn't say too much. He didn't want us to finish the story and give too much information to him. He gave us peace that we did not have prior to our session.

– Holly Harris

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I had an Extraordinary readying with The Good Medium, I love his Honesty and Integrity. I would love to do one more reading with him.

– Sue Jones

I had the best phone reading with Marcel. I was in tears, amazed at what we did together and truly inspired to continue to grow my relationship with my spirit guides. I have never done a phone reading and was not sure, but was blown away. This was so educational and inspiring and I can not thank Marcel enough.

– Kat Fisher

Marcel was amazing. I felt very connected to those on the other side. He was caring, funny, and very accurate! It was an incredible experience to learn that those that have passed on are still here, co-creating reality with me. It really gave me a new perspective on life in general - a very positive and uplifting one. If you are trying to find a good medium, look no further. Marcel is the best. I can't wait to go further with him to discover what things spirit has in store for me. :)

– Rob Rodenparker

One of the great experiences of my life. I went with my sister and my mom. He amazed me on so many occasions. There was a certain peace we were needing and didn’t even know we needed it. Until we had our meeting. Thank you so much for the experience. We will be back.

– Lori Baker

Marcel, Thank you. You have made me happy and I feel really good about my experience with you. You are amazing. You cleared up things that have been an issue with me all my life. Thank you once again. Hope to talk to you soon.

– Judy Bestwina

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Amazing experience. I feel lighter after this. Thank you for your suggestions and wisdom.

– Leslie Jackson

Marcel showed me how my spirit team was rooting for me and helping me to resolve a sensitive family situation. I am very grateful to him for facilitating the connection with my spirit family and for their encouragement to resolve issues. It especially mattered that he was able to bring my beloved dad to the reading, and my wonderful grandfather. I gained immense joy in the knowledge that those I love are "with me" every day. Thank you Marcel for your empathy.and warmth.

– Suzy Cohn

This was my first ever experience with a medium and it was very enlightening! I got more out of the session than I expected and left with a newfound sense of peace. Marcel is great, I would highly recommend him.

– Julie Cote

Thank you for the genuine medium experience! I was not expecting this to be so amazing!! We will definitely be back.

– Tonia Tomlin

We had a 4 member family reading which was a first for us. Marcel did a great job considering he had 4 related people with many of the same people channeling through him. I appreciate his effort to relate each message/thought to the right person. Thank you, Marcel, for this experience.

– Charlotte Pennington

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Marcel is definitely the real deal. He is professional and considerate and takes his job of communicating with spirits seriously. I booked an Inspiritive Mapping session with him after the initial meeting and was not disappointed. I highly recommend him.

– May Alexander

Went in for a reading no one knew about looking for answers/closure. Followed his instructions specifically. Ended up having a message from one of my best friend’s kin I have never met dealing with a situation for her that was incredibly specific and private. Had to call her and tell her I had a message for her. She didn’t believe me. Thought I said something to him. She listened to the session herself. She’s a believer now and has been to see him twice. Book a session. Today.

– Diane Dennis


From the moment I arrived Marcel created a comfortable and inviting environment for my reading. He was able to guide me through the process with such ease while setting the proper expectation for an exceptional experience. Marcel is truly the vessel to your loved one’s messages you need during the reading. He is thorough and takes his time to make sure you get most of the reading. If you are on±the fence… don’t be. Marcel is amazing and quite entertaining. You will not be disappointed!!

– Jennifer McDaniel

I had a fabulous session with Marcel . He was kind and patient , he took the time to explain what could happen, and he was funny as heck . I have so much peace now. The weight has been lifted from my heart , and for the first time in forever I could take full breaths . The messages I received were just what I needed to hear. I’m not experienced in this type life approach but Marcel is the real deal . Everyone who was invited showed up . Just amazing. Gracias Marcel.

– Asuncion Hatch

Marcel is the real deal... delivers integrity, patience, loyalty and wisdom in his readings. He provides the reality of his communication with spirits, so you don't approach it with anything other than real... the spirit world. He is very loyal, dedicated and blessed in his passionate journey in helping others. He teaches you how to communicate with your loved ones, not to depend on him to do so. Which further deepens my respect and trust of Marcel. REACH OUT AND LEARN, FOR HE IS REAL.

– Julie Lynn

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Marcel is incredible!! His ability never ceases to amaze me. I have done 4 readings with him now and each time I am more impressed and feel so close to my spiritual family now. Not only is he spot on with the communications he brings forward, but he has helped me evolve my own abilities. So grateful to know this amazing man!!

– Tracy Ryan

I had an absolutely amazing and educational reading with Marcel. At first I was concerned that it wouldn't be as personal but more educational. It soon became apparent how helpful that was in helping me understand and benefit from the connection with Spirit. Marcel was so friendly and put me at complete ease, even when Spirit had him discuss some tricky subjects! I had the best time with Marcel and I encourage anyone to schedule a reading with him. You won't be disappointed. Thank you!

– Sandra Hansen

Marcel was excellent. It was my first time ever having a reading and I am an older adult. He gave me details no one could have known. The reading was deep and reflective of my life experiences. Marcel was kind and compassionate. I definitely recommend him to anyone who is a sceptic or wants to see what a real medium is about.

– Kristen Mize

Marcel is truly gifted. He's genuine, and takes the time to walk you through his process, which was very helpful and informative. There were a couple of jaw-dropping moments from him knowing very personal things. I highly recommend him.

– Marissa Archuleta

I just don’t have the adjectives in my vocabulary to describe my experience with Marcel. Not only did I receive more from spirit that I could have dreamed, but through Marcel or Marcel himself opened my eyes to things I’ve been missing, very profound for me. Not only is Marcel an excellent medium, he’s a great human! Thank you, Marcel! ♥️

– Jill Pinson

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I’ve searched for words to describe the magnitude of healing within me as a result of the session with Marcel. He is a true, honest, ethical, deeply caring medium ... the lessons learned by me are multiple; lessons including how I can connect with spirit. I received answers from loved ones I wasn’t even expecting. I left the session with complete understanding of how to move beyond the grief.

– Vicki Bentley

My granddaughter and I had our first reading, but will definitely not our last. I had been wanting to do one for years but the loss of my Son( her Dad) this year is what made our decision to go for it easy.. My Grand daughter was pretty skeptical but wanted so bad to believe. I was a little skeptical because of doing it over the phone but by the end of the session we knew we had made the right choice with the right medium. Marcel explained everything and made it very comfortable. It was great.

– Susan Cover

Marcel’s reading for our small group was exactly what we expected and were looking for. Marcel is straight forward, talented and highly perceptive. His skill at connecting with the other side matched with his transparency made for a meaningful experience. This was my second reading with Marcel and I will be back.

– Courtney Black

I had a great experience with my reading. Thank you.

– Gary Taylor

Marcel's connection to a higher consciousness is profound. As Teddy Roosevelt said of the man in the arena, Marcel dares greatly to help those in need of guidance, understanding and support. He is enthusiastic, generous with his time and devoted to his craft. My reading was unexpected to say the least. Marcel worked with patience and skill to communicate the messages from spirit that I needed to hear for my greater good.

– Amy Anderson

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How delighted and impressed I was by Marcel's reading! Having had many readers with many different techniques in the last fifty of my nearly seventy years, I must say that though I have had amazing and very gifted readers, this has been among the best. Not only did he answer every question I'd written down and not verbalized, he was 100% with the many friends and family that came and their message of how to get me out of a long and deep depression. Marcel is generous and kind and precise.

– Glenna Mayer

Marcel was marvelous. He explained his process thoroughly and was delightful, empathetic, and humorous to work with. He shared information that ONLY my deceased loved ones would know. I am able to begin my healing journey in earnest because of the valuable service Marcel provided. I’m full of gratitude. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. If you are looking for a bonafide medium, seek no more. Much love to all those seeking comfort and closure.

– Erin Mettille

My reading with Marcel was fun interesting and spot on. My dad came through for the 1st time ever. I have had probably 10 readings with other people over the last 10 years and he never came through so that was some greatness there and we resolved a few issues.

– Brad Carver

My personal experience with my sessions have been honest and educational. For me Marcel is more than a medium that bridges a gap between living a spirit, he teaches me to open up and free myself from years of veiled truths. I am learning to be just me, holistically.

– Angelita Marin

I had never worked with a medium before. Marcel is fluent in the spiritual communities and those on the other side's language. My sister and I got quality time with our loved ones and Marcel was such a wonderful liaison for the connection. My family and spirit team will forever be in gratitude <3

– Katherine Ehrlinger

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I had literally the best phone reading with Marcel I’ve ever had before. I laughed, I cried, I felt things I didn’t think I would feel. I’ve always been a believer, but I’m marking our phone call as my beginning steps into my student/teacher lifestyle with my spirit guides. They told him things I would’ve never guessed to be said out loud (sorry Marcel LOL) straight from my own head. Absolutely amazing, thank you thank you THANK YOU

– Caitlin Donzell

I had a reading about a month ago. It was amazing! Marcel relayed the messages from my mother that was a little embarrassing for me but was something I needed to hear. I am so happy I had this reading with him.

– Latoyia White

My husband and I spent 3 hours being fascinated by Marcel and what he had to say. He opened my mind in ways very out of my comfort zone. Im so glad we went and highly recommend!

– Joanna Bender

Thank you Marcel for your reading. I chose him based on intuition and am glad I did. He teaches and encourages us to stay in touch with our spirit team ourselves and to use the results of his reading as a springboard for our lives.

– Pamela Morgan

If you are looking for an honest and authentic medium that will tell you exactly like it is, then Marcel is it. I especially appreciated his intro prior to the reading where he explained in great length the science of it all. His break down of linear thinking vs non linear thinking was very helpful when it came time for the reading. He connected to people I wanted to hear from and validated a lot of things, a true testament to Marcel and his abilities to connect to the other side.

– Angela Vernola

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I was blown away by my phone reading with Marcel that I think I have shared how amazing he was with everyone I have had contact with since! He was such an honest, delightful, energetic, insightful soul that not only bridged a gap for me that I was seeking, but also opened my mind to so much I had disconnected myself from regarding the spirit world. Thank you Marcel for such insight and inspiration! 

– Karen Donzell

After an amazing medium reading with Marcel I engaged in an inspirational mapping session . I am a former skeptic and Marcel has guided my my spirituality so I now have changed many of my long standing tenets. Such an understatement to call him the ‘good medium’ - he is excellent.

– Nicki Spector

This was our first time and something I never thought my husband and I would do. I will tell you the experience was completely comforting to us and liberating in a way with the holidays fast approaching. I would definitely do again. Marcel is completely professional and spent several hours that took us through sweet times and laughter our family once experienced. Most importantly, he taught us that our family journey was not over.

– Salena Hubble

Marcel Cairo is truly the best medium I have experienced. The information I received from my family members was truly from them. They had been in spirit many years when I joined a spiritual group different from my family and this was brought back to me from them. The information could only have been from them as I told no one. I was shocked. He really did communicate with them. I learned they are taking care of my beloved dog in spirit. I was so impressed with his abilities.

– Pamela Wojahn

my session with Marcel was everything his bio said it would be. It was my first time with a professional medium so I was nervous However Marcel explained the intire process in detail and made sure I was comfortable with it and that I understood not to tell him anything except yes and no when asked. My family came thru and said things about me that only they knew. Still processing the words of wisdom I got from my husband and Marcel. 

– Karen Mulroy

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Based on a friend’s recommendation I scheduled a session with Marcel. I honestly felt ambivalent as my session time arrive; I was intrigued but I also felt hesitant and a bit worried about what might transpire. Marcel was an excellent medium. He was patient and thorough in explaining his process and my role in the session. I appreciate the time and effort Marcel committed to my session. I felt supported and I felt compassion. I do not hesitate in recommending Marcel as a medium.

– Dea Ochs

I had an amazing experience, Marcel was very thorough and well spoken. This was my first reading ever and it brought me so much positivity and new perspectives. I walked in with no expectations and I was very surprised with the accuracy of the questions I was asked. Would absolutely recommend him, and this service. Thank you for the new found understanding of my spirit team, and our collaboration in my walk.

– Cates

Marcel was friendly & it was easy to warm up to him. He explained each step of the process so that I knew what to expect during the reading. I felt like we were just warming up & definitely wanted to keep going as we approached the end of the two hours, The session helped to give me a sense of peace about my loved one that had passed. Marcel was able to relate things that no one could have known. He is the real deal.

– Linda Riggs

The session with Marcel was nothing short of remarkable. He definitely was in touch with my spirit team and I could hear them through his voice. Marcel was right on point with everything - from the questions and thoughts I was having, to the way my family would interact with each other and there’s no way he could have known this. I have been changed as a result of my session with him. I wish I could have a session every week - that’s how great Marcel is. He is kind, gentle and very funny.

– Kathy Zofa

My experience was amazing. I am so glad I booked my session with Marcel. He was kind, compassionate, friendly and truly able to connect with my loved ones beyond. I am so grateful for my experience, words can not explain. I highly recommend him if you need some healing!

– Kelly Nenezian

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My session with Marcel was amazing! I decided to have my sister sit in with me! Although our arrangement was unexpected Marcel made it work and my sister and I received needed messages from our spirit teams. Now we’re both on our journey to “declutter our inboxes” so that we can be receptive to the messages our spirit teams relay. I am so thankful for my session it really helped me clear up some confusion. Marcel is definitely The Medium to see! He’s very informative and explains everything!

– Raynelle Jackson

I learned of Marcel through someone who had already talked with him and we had very different reason for requesting his services. Marcel was kind, funny and spot on with why I was calling. I really am convinced that he reached my family members, who knew what I was going thru and exactly why I was talking with Marcel. He conveyed information to me and even their personalities came through in his relaying of their words. I highly recommend Marcel!

– Kathy Cafazzo

My grandmother's love has always been the greatest love that I have felt. Thank you for connecting me to that love. Peace and light!

– Michelle Joseph

I had the most amazing reading with Marcel:) He is so caring, and skilled at what he does! Everything was so true, and It felt so amazing to know my spirit team is here with me. I can continue to learn and grow from this! I can not wait to do the inspiritive mapping session:) I highly recommend Marcel :) What a truly amazing and life changing experience! Thank you Marcel!

– Amanda Kaehler

My sister and I had a session with Marcel recently and it was everything I hoped for and more. His messages from our loved ones was spookily accurate. I gained valuable insight and clearer understanding of spirit and how they communicate with us, and how they are truly still here with us..just on a higher vibrational plane of existence. I would highly recommend Marcel if you are seeking to connect with your spirit team. His honest and forthright approach is so refreshing. Just Awesome!

– Regina Jones

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This a real medium. He really did talk to my family members in spirit and totally blew me away with the information that came out. I have never been so impressed anyone like him before. I sent the information to a friend in Australia and will post it on facebook. I will be booking with Marcel again.

– Pamela Wojahn

Marcel was great! We'd dealt with only one other medium in the past before him, but Marcel proved himself as a more provable spirit communicator to us. He conveyed compelling evidence that he connected with and communicated for the people we sought to contact. Evidence such as: senses of humor, character reveal, details of specific past events or time frames, etc. Things he would not know off hand. We highly recommend Marcel, and will definitely work with him again soon.

– Rob Mason

It has honestly taken me a couple of months to write this review. I have had my initial reading as well as one Inspirative Mapping session with Marcel and my second IM session is in 2 days. I would like to speak on Marcel's empathy and compassion. He was privy to what most would never dream of another knowing, yet he handled it with such grace.... such couth, if you will. He was never once judgemental and worked as an above par mediator between ours and Spirit world. Strongly recommended!!!

– Jessica Sy

Me and my friend went to Marcel back in September and had a wonderful experience. He is extremely ethical in what he does and spent genuine time really making sure we understood the process first. He connected with special people both for me but for my friend as well. She was emotional after as he was able to connect with very current, relevant things happening in her life, as well as her loved ones trying to help her through it. I was touched by my reading and felt the both of us left inspired.

– Aaron Day

Seeing Marcel was like having a soul cleanse and mind massage. His connection to spirit is amazing. He has a true gift.

– Holly Ulmer

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Marcel is amazing! I’ve been to 3 different readings, 2 group and 1 private and have had wonderful experiences at all of them. Marcel has a very genuine and comforting personality. As an admitted skeptic, I was in awe of the things he knew and there’s no question he is absolutely the real deal!

– Stephanie Browning

Marcel is amazing! We invited him to a Bachelorette party and a GNO. Each time he was able to tell me details about my grandmother and niece that no one could have possibly known. I truly felt that they were right there with me during the reading. Aside from the spiritual, he is just a very genuine human being and I felt completely at ease. Would recommend 100%.

– Stacie Bass

Marcel's reading was really specific and powerful. He has a tremendous amount of integrity and it is clear that he has a real heart for this work. Unlike other readings I have had, he focused a lot on empowering me to continue to make connections and do the work outside of session, and he gave me tools to do this. Would highly recommend!

– Christine Johansson

I enjoyed my first reading with Marcel. He shared very specific information and was kind, helpful, honest, and funny, depending upon the presenting topic. An abundance of information was shared that was keenly accurate. Marcel's emphasis on learning how to collaborate with loved ones was both helpful and appreciated. A very positive experience.

– Deborah Wisdom

I had a phone reading with Marcel and it was incredible. Marcel is a very talented and gifted medium who provides an intimate space for the sitter to explore and experience the wonderful world of Spirit. Marcel holds genuine love and compassion in his beautiful heart . When I had my reading with Marcel I started with a heavy and sad heart....but by the end, I had a lighter heart with hope and happiness. He is truly a blessing of love. A reading with him would be a special gift to yourself.

– Carmen Daubenmire

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I had the pleasure of a medium reading with Marcel. EVERYTHING about the session was spot on! I know for a fact that my spirit team was very much present and Marcel was communicating with them. This session provided me with the reassurance that my mom and other loved ones are ever by my side, and that I am always able to tap into their presence in my life. Thank you Marcel, you have truly saved my life more than you can ever imagine.

– Anika Thomas

This was a fantastic experience. Marcel’s sensitivity to the spirit world makes it possible for loved ones to connect immediately. No leading questions; no probing for information. Marcel communicates what is revealed. I will soon try the Inspiritive Mapping session, what sounds like another wonderful way to engage one’s loved ones to help shape and form the day to day “business of living” in the physical world.

– Tania R Sercl

I can not begin to say how grateful I am to Marcel for relaying the messages my spirit team was trying to send to me. Initially I was open to the possibility but still held on to a little scepticism. Not any more.This reading has changed my life forever. Marcel is so intuitive and understanding. He brought across the personalities of my spirits leaving no doubt of who he was connected with. I will be getting more readings from Marcel in the future. All my love Marcel for changing my life.

– Patty Vorheier

Unbelievable reading. I was so in shock at the information he had that I did not give and he couldn’t have known.

– Kisha Smaw

Marcel was great. He explained the process thoroughly. I couldn't recommend him more highly. His prices are so reasonable too. You won't regret setting up a session. 

– Susan Martin

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Never in my life did I think that I would arrange a session with Medium. However, after the death of my husband my brain refused to believe that it was the end. I started to search for a way how to reach him. Over several month I red much information and reviews about Mediums. At the end of my search I selected Mr. Marcel Cairo. It was a very interesting experience. Marcel is a very skilled, professional and kind person. I gladly recommend him and thank him for sharing his incredible gift.

– Jill Riedl

I'm a skeptic, but Marcel is scientific and well-reasoned in his approach, as well as intuitive. In addition to providing compelling details from my spirit team, he gave me pointers for contacting my loved ones on my own. He is smart, funny and compassionate. I would highly recommend booking a session with him. $125 for two hours is very affordable too.

– Julie Lehman

Marcel impresses as a warm, empathetic, perceptive, dedicated human on a mission to heal, which he sets out to achieve tactfully and generously. Having entered the conversation as a skeptic turned seeker by deep grief, I can attest that the reading brought a moment of genuine lightness and hope. Thank you, Marcel! I would sincerely recommend Marcel to anyone looking for a medium reading.

– Sneza Litvinovic

I have been receiving messages from my loved ones through Marcel over many years. Marcel has been consistently accurate in communicating with the other side. He has been a blessing to us with his honest and sound advice which he receives from my loved ones. I feel very connected with them after a session with Marcel. Hope to continue to request medium reading with Marcel whenever I have a need to. Thank you, Marcel, for your help.

– Grace Tachaibana

I purchased a 2 hour phone reading with Marcel. My mother passed away last month and I was hoping to connect with her. This was the most amazing experience with a reader I have ever had. Marcel is funny, warm and welcoming. You wouldn't think it would be, but the 2 hours went by so fast, I was hoping it would never end. If you are on the fence or wary, don't be. Marcel is a wonderful teacher. He'll guide you through everything & make sure you're comfortable. I will be calling again.

– Kiona Cloud

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Had a great reading with Marcel. He made us feel very comfortable! I totally enjoyed the experience. Thanks Marcel! 

– Marti Neville

I had a friend of mine schedule this visit. Under her name. With her phone number. I went in completely anonymous because although I wanted to see a medium I was skeptical. I didn’t want Marcel to have ANY info about me beforehand because I didn’t want to be scammed by someone who might have looked up my social media. Turns out HE IS THE REAL DEAL. Not only was this life changing but eye opening! I even tried to connect with someone as a test and it worked. I am so grateful and moved. 10/10!!

– Ryeisha Rigsby

Incredible, spiritual, mind-blowing reading! Healing, helpful, hope-filled for me and my daughter (who was with me on speakerphone). He asked my daughter if she had a problem with picking her skin. As he asked this, she was intently picking her arm. She has sores on her arms and legs from this. He asked if I lost a child, including from miscarriage or termination. I’ve had 3 miscarriages. He brought up other things he had absolutely no way of knowing! No hesitation, I recommend Marcel!

– Suzanne Davies

It took me about a month to finally decide to set up an appointment with Marcel for a reading. My husband passed away and Im having a terrible time trying to handle it. I am so glad I finally scheduled the reading. Marcel was right on point with everything. He is very good. After that reading I could actually feel myself and the atmosphere calming down. Im no longer crying every day. Thank you Marcel for helping me get on the path to heal.

– Tracey Jackson



I have had many readings, by many different mediums in my life, and Marcel's was by far the most profound. He encourages clients to develop better communication on our own . What stood out so much, was the specificity of the information conveyed, leaving no doubt true communication occurring. Marcel is funny, compassionate, and kind, making an often times anxiety inducing experience, a comfortable and enjoyable one. My daughter and I could not have been more pleased!

– Carla Haynie

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I had a great phone reading with Marcel! I had hoped to connect with my deceased parents, and with my Mom in particular. We always had a problematic relationship. Marcel told me that she realized the errors that she made in life, and promised to be a better mother now. Very moving. I also enjoyed the large number of party crashers! I am quite impressed with Marcel's ability to verbalize the messages he received, and convey them in a meaningful way.

– David Shields

Marcel is a very kind and caring medium. He was able to contact our loved ones, and answer the questions we had. It was very fulfilling!

– Deb Conley

I have immensely enjoyed every session I have had with Marcel. My experiences have proven more to me that my Spirit Team is with me all the time and is rooting for me. I just need to listen more carefully and Marcel is that link! I will only recommend HIM as a medium for others. Book your appointment today- I promise you won’t be disappointed!

– Carissa Thompson

VERY honest about his readings & he took his time with me. He didn't want me to lead him; he wanted the spirits to lead him. Marcel put me at ease over connecting with my lost loved one that I wanted to connect with. I was very satisfied with my reading & would use him again.

– Debra Borgen

Not enough time in the world to express my gratitude for my consultation with Marcel. I went to have a visit to get some sort of confirmation of afterlife existence. I was able to connect with my best friend who just recently passed and inside jokes were brought up that no one could have known. All my skepticisms were shut down and now I have more faith than ever that our loved ones are always and forever around us. It was amazing and my broken heart has healed tremendously.

– Meri Coite

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He is very professional and knowledgeable. He helped me with solving my unknown questions. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for spirytu awaken.Thank you very much Marcel.

– Eugenia Zieba

It never fails! Marcel always knows exactly what I need the most help on in my life and has helped me navigate the most challenging of situations. I credit him for helping save my marriage, help me navigate impossible business decisions, and he’s brought me unexplainable comfort by connecting me directly to my family I love so much but have lost. God definitely brought him into my life and I will cherish him and the guidance he gives for the rest of my life.

– Tracy Ryan

I highly recommend Marcel Cairo as an evidential medium. He was very clear in the way he communicated with me and with my loved ones. I appreciate the extra time and effort given to make sure my experience was meaningful and beneficial to me.

– Laura Tripp

My daughter and I had a reading recently with Marcel Cairo. While I’m definitely no authority on mediums, I have used several since the death of my son over the last 5 years. Many of my previous readings have been good and some kind of vague. Marcel’s reading captured my son’s personality to a t. Some other family members came through as well. Marcel was quite entertaining in his process. We were impressed with his integrity and learned a lot about our own journey. Highly recommend!

– Deanie Troncale

Marcel has a true gift in his ability not only to connect with spirit but to decipher their language and methods of communication so we may receive what they want us to hear. I was in a deep psychologically abyss of pain and turmoil after the unexpected and early passing of my soulmate and Marcel not only relieved my suffering through 100% confirmation of contact but made me willing and able to embrace life again with a brand new perspective I didn't have before. I could never thank him enough.

– Lana McLeod

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This was my 2nd visit with Marcel and was as exciting and on the mark as the first reading. My spirit team certainly came through and Marcel was receiving the valuable info that I needed to hear. I am so grateful for his abilities and that he is willing to share those talents with everyone. I will certainly see Marcel again in the future as the need arises.

– Jill Kallas

We went into our session not expecting anything. What we did get was beyond our what we had hoped.

– Tracy Taylor

I just began my mapping sessions w/ Marcel and walked away feeling a positive shift. Connecting w/ my spirit team has been so amazing! The guidance and direction I have been wanting for as long as I can remember!

– Laci Myers

I was very surprised by my reading! Marcel told me things that no one ever would have known. It has truly opened my eyes to life’s possibilities! I am very excited to know I have a spirit team who will share with me some missing pieces and has helped to me more aware of these messages!

– Kelly Gubler

Connecting with spirit is a beautiful, vulnerable and validating experience like no other. If you are feeling called to have a reading done, know that you can trust Marcel to safely guide you through this process with integrity, compassion and even humor! I had a reading done with Marcel a year ago. I was so impressed by the authenticity and joy from that experience, that this year I bought my mother session for her 84th birthday and it was more than she had even hoped for.

– Stephanie Roberts

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The best reading ever. This Inspiritive mapping reading was a game changer. I feel light as a feather. Marcel is without a doubt the best Medium. I recommend Marcel for all types of readings. He is the real deal.


– Bonnie Studler

I have been on something of a spiritual quest since the death of several loved ones. I tried readings with a couple other mediums but they were vague and unremarkable, so with no real expectation, I booked a session with Marcel. Halfway through it, I glanced at the clock and desperately wished time would stop so the reading would not end. It is rare to have an experience that resonates with such truth and clarity. Doubts have vanished. Thank you, Marcel.


– Kim Peterson

I had a wonderful reading with Medium Marcel Cairo. His command of language was as amazing as his reading. The expression, "words have meaning" typified his usage. I was so pleased. Marcel left me feeling lighter than I have in many years. He captured and responded to the reasons for my request to have him read for me. Upon reflection the following day I realized so many more messages he brought to me that I hadn't seen in session. I heartily recommend Marcel and thank him for sharing his gift.


– Joe Belmonte

This is by far the best reading I have ever had. He was spot on for everything he said. Two hour reading for 2 people, can't beat the quality of the reading or the price. I highly recommend Marcel to everyone. I loved the reading, plus you get an audio of the entire reading.


– Beverly Conway

My experience with Marcel was truly awesome. I have never talked with a medium before and he was so kind and explained everything. After my session I felt a real connection to my spirit team. I highly recommend him.


– D'Nell Sherbet

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Fascinating experience! My sister and I had our first session w/ Marcel just yesterday and it will not be our last. We were both in need of closure w/ a variety of family who had passed on and we didn't think it was achievable in this lifetime. Amazing session and it will not be our last. Booking a Inspiritive Mapping Session now!


– Laci Myers

Simply amazing - I was gifted the session and did not know what to expect. I was stunned at the accuracy of the information that Marcel learned from my spirit team. It is reassuring to know that I have a family spirit team. This makes life easier. I am grateful to Marcel for sharing his gift with the rest of us. Connecting with my family is a wonderful experience.


– Delta Tanimoto

I want to thank Marcel it was a great experience I left the experience feeling like I had had a great family reunion I talked to people that I haven't talked to in years thank you again


– Linda Pittman

I was very happy with my meeting! This was my first time. It was so breathtaking. I would definitely recommend this experience.


– Bre Walton

I went to Marcel with a very open mind and have no regrets about my visit. Was I convinced 100% about communication with spirits? Maybe not, but I wasn’t convinced otherwise either. Marcel was very kind and very insightful and I enjoyed the session and our conversation. I would happily see him again.


– Andrew Barbera

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The experience I had with Marcel yesterday was amazing. He was able to tell me things that no one else could have known. There was a lot of crying, but even more laughter. For the first time in months I feel close to my Mom and I now know that she is always there with me, helping to guide me.I have already recommended Marcel to many of my friends and family and I would recommend him to anyone looking to reconnect with someone they’ve lost. This reading has changed my life. Thank you Marcel.


Samantha Clark

Marcel, a.k.a. The Good Medium is not only legit but honest, kind, and fun. It was my first and only reading and he made the experience easy and genuine. I highly recommend his service.

– Tabra Kobbeman

Well what an entertaining reading! Very skilled in what he does. Yes I cried! Yes I cried when I listened to the tape again. I have wondered since the reading what it would be like to tell my story, so he knows the team spirits and how they relate to me. Seems like this would be a meaningful session, as there was, is a lot more to sort out! On my journey still...

 Kathy Gabbert

There are no words for the amazing experience with Marcel . In the first 5-7 minutes I was in tears there was absolutely no way he could say what he did if he wasn’t connected to my loved ones. He was genuine caring and the only medium experience I’ve had that I walked away from feeling like I truly experienced a connection to my family. Marcel’s gift is real and a blessing to all who trust him to walk them through this experience. Thank you Marcel I feel loved and surrounded by my family now.


 Karen Short

Marcel was able to help me move on and find joy again after the death of my son. The phone reading went WAY more than 2 hours, but Marcel stayed as long as my son was there. Without telling Marcel ANYTHING, he was able to validate all the family members in the hereafter. My jaw dropped at the things he was relaying from my son as there was no way for Marcel to know that kind of information. He was very organized & thorough in his reading. I recommend him to all seeking answers and closure.


– Cindy Figueiredo

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Second time working with Marcel and my Spirit Team; this time with Inspiritive Mapping. As with my first reading ; again much evidence came through that Marcel was truly working with my son who is now 'across the veil'. With , professionalism , kindness, compassion and above all honesty it is truly a blessing to spend such special, and personal time with such a caring and remarkable individual. As before, he goes above and beyond in all ways, always.

– Lisa Worobey

What a great experience, come expecting, there is truly so much more to learn in life. If you have any doubts please be assured they will be answered. Marcel is a kind soul with an awesome gift, his delivery method is thoughtful and tender, no one could possibly know the things that were shared with us. You will leave with a sense of peace, especially if you have suffered a great loss. Marcel thank you so very much, we really appreciated our time with you. Stay blessed.

– Laura Jennifer

After the recent death of my son, I had been agonizing over his afterlife wellbeing. Marcel's reading gave me peace of mind and allowed me to understand that my son's spirit is still with me by validating details that only I could have known. Marcel clearly communicated that the purpose of the reading was to have me learn spirit's language so that I can connect with my son at all times.

– Adrianna Bohls

He told me things he couldn't have possibly guessed. I've no doubt my daughter and husband were coming through. I'll definitely use him again!

– Jessica Lentz

Marcel was an amazing experience for me and my mom. After losing many people unexpectedly in our family, he was able to connect us with them and provide some closure. He offered an all around great experience and provided us with some extremely accurate and personal information to help us with closure. Thank you Marcel!!!!


– Addison Hand

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I scheduled a reading with Marcel after my wife recently passed away. I went into it skeptical at first but soon realized he is the real deal. Marcel was very kind and he was able to tell me things not only about my wife but other family members and friends that had passed away.He couldn't have known these things by doing a internet search. He was able to tell me things that i had recently been doing at home that no one could known unless they had bugged in my house. I highly recommend Marcel.


– Shawn Locke

He truly is the real deal! He was very professional and explained everything well . Was amazed by the things he knew from my loved ones .Thank you so much for the experience


– Regina Sullivan

I left his office with two truths. He is a deeply gifted individual. He uses his gift to heal. The validations he provided immediately disallowed disbelief in the authenticity of the collaboration we were spiritually embarking on. He is so clearly a healer amongst a world not so kind or so generous as he. I am profoundly thankful for him and my experience with him. I can't imagine going to anyone else for matters of the heart and soul, and I won't be. Many thanks to him and his healing.


– Sophia Hungerford

Amazing! Marcel was great and my reading was so fulfilling. Going to definitely go back for mapping.

– Melissa George

Wow! I don’t do reviews, but my experience yesterday with Marcel did more for me than the months I’ve spent in grief therapy from the loss of my teenager. I feel a sense of peace and comfort that I haven’t felt since my loss. He was extremely accurate and the personalities of my contacts were on point. He relayed things about me and my own personal struggles that no one knows. Highly recommended. I intend on returning for a mapping session soon.

– Tricia Judd

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Marcel was incredible!! I was a little skeptical and nervous at first......but by the end of the session I was in awe!!!! I've already reached out to suggest others go visit him!! I truly believe everyone will leave their session in awe of Marcel!


– Kathi Gaynier

I believe only a small percentage of psychics/mediums are real. My girlfriend went to see Marcel Cairo, and the info he was able to tell her would be impossible to know if he wasn't truly speaking to her spirit team. With her experience, and my own recent spiritual "awakening" to certain universal truths, I decided to take a leap of faith and see Marcel. And I am glad I did! Marcel is 100% the real deal, and you will not be disappointed! The entire experience was amazing! Go see him!


– David Zieba

Every visit, for inspiritive mapping or to meet with someone who is on the other side is a healing experience with Marcel. The time I spent recently, convinced me those that have passed are still very much a part of my life. You will be amazed at the insights he is able to share beyond what we can see. He is professional, ethical, and compassionate in his efforts to deliver information from spirit you need and will be so grateful for. Thank you Marcel.


 Lana Shuck

My session with Marcel was incredible! Everything brought up was accurate. The specific things communicated truly validated that my loved ones who have passed are with me still and very aware of my thoughts and actions. This was a very healing session for my soul! I feel confident in their continued love and support. Marcel made me feel like we were all sitting down at a table visiting. I am very grateful and will use what was shared to continue in my journey and the evolvement of my soul!


 Teresa Nerem

I had never been to a Medium before I met with Marcel. I've seen him twice now. Marcel is fantastic at what he does. He tells you flat out what he's getting and it is 100% accurate. The last reading I had with Marcel was so good and detailed, I actually felt like a weight had been lifted off of me. I will definitely go back and be sending my friends and family to him. Thanks again Marcel!


– Christy Chambers

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I am seriously speechless. Words can’t even describe how talented Marcel is. He was able to not only pick up on the people I wanted to connect with, but brought through their personality. He even brought up my current living dog. Marcel was able to validate for me what I thought would happen really does happen.


 Maya Fisher

It was a pleasure to have a reading with Marcel last week. I’d met with one other medium before, and Marcel presented as very authentic. Marcel also takes the time to explain his process. He is focused on making sure his interpretation of information is accurate and makes sense for the person he’s reading. There were details Marcel provided related to my “spiritual team” that were very specific, and helped me feel more connected to them. I highly recommend Marcel to anyone!

– Nina Messer

Thank you for pointing out the fact that a previous reading with someone else was absolutely invalid regarding my husband. And, most importantly, the fact that my husband is happy and healed.


– Teri Friedman

This was my first Inspiritive Mapping session with Marcel. And similarly to the first session, right on point. He is a gifted medium with a great sense of humor. In the I M session there will be things that your spirit guides bring up that definitely surprise both Marcel and you. Well, at least they did for me. They truly do want to help us navigate this earthly plane.Marcel is helpful and non-judgmental, as any medium should be. Definitely worth the time and expense. I will follow up.


– Gina Champagne

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I had the pleasure of seeing Marcel at the Rialto in Denison Tx in September 2019. I was very impressed with his gift. I saw him for a private reading this month - Nov. 2019. Again I was amazed and so very thankful for his connection to my family on the other side. I know he is not fond of the word closure, but that is what he helped me find due to the information that he was able to give me. Now the healing can begin for me. I would most certainly go to him again. He is the real deal.


– Jill Kallas

This is one of the most healing people you can see if you are missing people you love. Marcel has a gift, and he is very ethical in the ways he uses it. He is genuine, honest, and caring. I am so grateful for the family experience we had, which also led to important medical insights for us. Marcel is a unique, gifted, human being with a heart the size of Texas. This is time well spent so don't hesitate.


– Lana Shuck

Marcel is so amazing! He went above and beyond. He told me things that only my family would have known and somethings that only I would have known. He was spot on with personalities. I have and will continue to recommend Marcel. His power is truly a gift and a blessing.


– Wendy Coleman

Marcel is a truly gifted channel who never fails to bring in my deceased loved ones with very helpful messages for me. He even relates the person how they would act if they were directly talking to me, with their essence and personality. Thanks to people like Marcel I am able to continue having loving relationships with my parents from the other side. I can honestly say my relationship with my mother has even improved (not cause she's dead, but because she has apologized for stuff ;)

– Vivian Eisenstadt

I took a friend that Marcel was not expecting. We both were skeptical at first but he was point on for both of us and told us things that no one knew past and present. He was precise about deceased loved ones as well as living relatives. He’s the real deal.

– Cindy Kissner

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This man is genuine. No doubt in my mind. He’s thoughtful, caring, and gifted and has your best interest at heart, but he will tell it like it is and he will tell you what the spirits want you to hear whether you like it or not. Don’t ask the spirits material questions because it is of no concern to them. Just go there with an open heart and open mind and be ready to listen.


– Jeff Bodovsky

I shared a reading with my friend. It was amazing how our spirit teams collaborated to give us information. Marcel is excellent in his work. He is honest and funny. The information transmitted through him was accurate and also surprising. I would suggest that if you have questions about whether your Spirit team is close, have a session with him. As he says, they are cheering us on and want only good for us. Thank you, Marcel!


– Gina Champagne

I would first like to thank Marcel for such a GREAT!! session. I was nervous at first but he put us at ease from the start. We had a wonderful time. He has a great sense of humor. If there's anyone with any doubt, he is the REAL DEAL!! We were not allowed to give him any information, only to answer yes or no to his questions. We apparently had a full house waiting for our arrival. It was comforting knowing that they are all well. Our session even went over an hour past our allotted time.


– Linda Moore

I was so in shock at how much he knew and no one could have known any of the information unless he made contact with my loved ones crossed over I was amazed and blessed to experience this interaction with my loved ones through him thank you. Love and light to you.