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"Despite my skepticism and work as an investigative journalist, I must admit that Marcel Cairo completely changed my world view. In an unsolicited "reading" with my departed father, he went into great detail about a conversation that only someone in the room with my dad at the time of his passing would have known..."                                                                             

                   - John Feist, TV Producer, Survivor

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The best reading ever. This Inspiritive mapping reading was a game changer. I feel light as a feather. Marcel is without a doubt the best Medium. I recommend Marcel for all types of readings. He is the real deal.


– Bonnie Studler

I have been on something of a spiritual quest since the death of several loved ones. I tried readings with a couple other mediums but they were vague and unremarkable, so with no real expectation, I booked a session with Marcel. Halfway through it, I glanced at the clock and desperately wished time would stop so the reading would not end. It is rare to have an experience that resonates with such truth and clarity. Doubts have vanished. Thank you, Marcel.


– Kim Peterson

I had a wonderful reading with Medium Marcel Cairo. His command of language was as amazing as his reading. The expression, "words have meaning" typified his usage. I was so pleased. Marcel left me feeling lighter than I have in many years. He captured and responded to the reasons for my request to have him read for me. Upon reflection the following day I realized so many more messages he brought to me that I hadn't seen in session. I heartily recommend Marcel and thank him for sharing his gift.


– Joe Belmonte

This is by far the best reading I have ever had. He was spot on for everything he said. Two hour reading for 2 people, can't beat the quality of the reading or the price. I highly recommend Marcel to everyone. I loved the reading, plus you get an audio of the entire reading.


– Beverly Conway

My experience with Marcel was truly awesome. I have never talked with a medium before and he was so kind and explained everything. After my session I felt a real connection to my spirit team. I highly recommend him.


– D'Nell Sherbet

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Fascinating experience! My sister and I had our first session w/ Marcel just yesterday and it will not be our last. We were both in need of closure w/ a variety of family who had passed on and we didn't think it was achievable in this lifetime. Amazing session and it will not be our last. Booking a Inspiritive Mapping Session now!


– Laci Myers

Simply amazing - I was gifted the session and did not know what to expect. I was stunned at the accuracy of the information that Marcel learned from my spirit team. It is reassuring to know that I have a family spirit team. This makes life easier. I am grateful to Marcel for sharing his gift with the rest of us. Connecting with my family is a wonderful experience.


– Delta Tanimoto

I want to thank Marcel it was a great experience I left the experience feeling like I had had a great family reunion I talked to people that I haven't talked to in years thank you again


– Linda Pittman

I was very happy with my meeting! This was my first time. It was so breathtaking. I would definitely recommend this experience.


– Bre Walton

I went to Marcel with a very open mind and have no regrets about my visit. Was I convinced 100% about communication with spirits? Maybe not, but I wasn’t convinced otherwise either. Marcel was very kind and very insightful and I enjoyed the session and our conversation. I would happily see him again.


– Andrew Barbera

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The experience I had with Marcel yesterday was amazing. He was able to tell me things that no one else could have known. There was a lot of crying, but even more laughter. For the first time in months I feel close to my Mom and I now know that she is always there with me, helping to guide me.I have already recommended Marcel to many of my friends and family and I would recommend him to anyone looking to reconnect with someone they’ve lost. This reading has changed my life. Thank you Marcel.


Samantha Clark

Marcel, a.k.a. The Good Medium is not only legit but honest, kind, and fun. It was my first and only reading and he made the experience easy and genuine. I highly recommend his service.

– Tabra Kobbeman

Well what an entertaining reading! Very skilled in what he does. Yes I cried! Yes I cried when I listened to the tape again. I have wondered since the reading what it would be like to tell my story, so he knows the team spirits and how they relate to me. Seems like this would be a meaningful session, as there was, is a lot more to sort out! On my journey still...

 Kathy Gabbert

There are no words for the amazing experience with Marcel . In the first 5-7 minutes I was in tears there was absolutely no way he could say what he did if he wasn’t connected to my loved ones. He was genuine caring and the only medium experience I’ve had that I walked away from feeling like I truly experienced a connection to my family. Marcel’s gift is real and a blessing to all who trust him to walk them through this experience. Thank you Marcel I feel loved and surrounded by my family now.


 Karen Short

Marcel was able to help me move on and find joy again after the death of my son. The phone reading went WAY more than 2 hours, but Marcel stayed as long as my son was there. Without telling Marcel ANYTHING, he was able to validate all the family members in the hereafter. My jaw dropped at the things he was relaying from my son as there was no way for Marcel to know that kind of information. He was very organized & thorough in his reading. I recommend him to all seeking answers and closure.


– Cindy Figueiredo

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Second time working with Marcel and my Spirit Team; this time with Inspiritive Mapping. As with my first reading ; again much evidence came through that Marcel was truly working with my son who is now 'across the veil'. With , professionalism , kindness, compassion and above all honesty it is truly a blessing to spend such special, and personal time with such a caring and remarkable individual. As before, he goes above and beyond in all ways, always.

– Lisa Worobey

What a great experience, come expecting, there is truly so much more to learn in life. If you have any doubts please be assured they will be answered. Marcel is a kind soul with an awesome gift, his delivery method is thoughtful and tender, no one could possibly know the things that were shared with us. You will leave with a sense of peace, especially if you have suffered a great loss. Marcel thank you so very much, we really appreciated our time with you. Stay blessed.

– Laura Jennifer

After the recent death of my son, I had been agonizing over his afterlife wellbeing. Marcel's reading gave me peace of mind and allowed me to understand that my son's spirit is still with me by validating details that only I could have known. Marcel clearly communicated that the purpose of the reading was to have me learn spirit's language so that I can connect with my son at all times.

– Adrianna Bohls

He told me things he couldn't have possibly guessed. I've no doubt my daughter and husband were coming through. I'll definitely use him again!

– Jessica Lentz

Marcel was an amazing experience for me and my mom. After losing many people unexpectedly in our family, he was able to connect us with them and provide some closure. He offered an all around great experience and provided us with some extremely accurate and personal information to help us with closure. Thank you Marcel!!!!


– Addison Hand

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I scheduled a reading with Marcel after my wife recently passed away. I went into it skeptical at first but soon realized he is the real deal. Marcel was very kind and he was able to tell me things not only about my wife but other family members and friends that had passed away.He couldn't have known these things by doing a internet search. He was able to tell me things that i had recently been doing at home that no one could known unless they had bugged in my house. I highly recommend Marcel.


– Shawn Locke

He truly is the real deal! He was very professional and explained everything well . Was amazed by the things he knew from my loved ones .Thank you so much for the experience


– Regina Sullivan

I left his office with two truths. He is a deeply gifted individual. He uses his gift to heal. The validations he provided immediately disallowed disbelief in the authenticity of the collaboration we were spiritually embarking on. He is so clearly a healer amongst a world not so kind or so generous as he. I am profoundly thankful for him and my experience with him. I can't imagine going to anyone else for matters of the heart and soul, and I won't be. Many thanks to him and his healing.


– Sophia Hungerford

Amazing! Marcel was great and my reading was so fulfilling. Going to definitely go back for mapping.

– Melissa George

Wow! I don’t do reviews, but my experience yesterday with Marcel did more for me than the months I’ve spent in grief therapy from the loss of my teenager. I feel a sense of peace and comfort that I haven’t felt since my loss. He was extremely accurate and the personalities of my contacts were on point. He relayed things about me and my own personal struggles that no one knows. Highly recommended. I intend on returning for a mapping session soon.

– Tricia Judd

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Marcel was incredible!! I was a little skeptical and nervous at first......but by the end of the session I was in awe!!!! I've already reached out to suggest others go visit him!! I truly believe everyone will leave their session in awe of Marcel!


– Kathi Gaynier

I believe only a small percentage of psychics/mediums are real. My girlfriend went to see Marcel Cairo, and the info he was able to tell her would be impossible to know if he wasn't truly speaking to her spirit team. With her experience, and my own recent spiritual "awakening" to certain universal truths, I decided to take a leap of faith and see Marcel. And I am glad I did! Marcel is 100% the real deal, and you will not be disappointed! The entire experience was amazing! Go see him!


– David Zieba

Every visit, for inspiritive mapping or to meet with someone who is on the other side is a healing experience with Marcel. The time I spent recently, convinced me those that have passed are still very much a part of my life. You will be amazed at the insights he is able to share beyond what we can see. He is professional, ethical, and compassionate in his efforts to deliver information from spirit you need and will be so grateful for. Thank you Marcel.


 Lana Shuck

My session with Marcel was incredible! Everything brought up was accurate. The specific things communicated truly validated that my loved ones who have passed are with me still and very aware of my thoughts and actions. This was a very healing session for my soul! I feel confident in their continued love and support. Marcel made me feel like we were all sitting down at a table visiting. I am very grateful and will use what was shared to continue in my journey and the evolvement of my soul!


 Teresa Nerem

I had never been to a Medium before I met with Marcel. I've seen him twice now. Marcel is fantastic at what he does. He tells you flat out what he's getting and it is 100% accurate. The last reading I had with Marcel was so good and detailed, I actually felt like a weight had been lifted off of me. I will definitely go back and be sending my friends and family to him. Thanks again Marcel!


– Christy Chambers

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I am seriously speechless. Words can’t even describe how talented Marcel is. He was able to not only pick up on the people I wanted to connect with, but brought through their personality. He even brought up my current living dog. Marcel was able to validate for me what I thought would happen really does happen.


 Maya Fisher

It was a pleasure to have a reading with Marcel last week. I’d met with one other medium before, and Marcel presented as very authentic. Marcel also takes the time to explain his process. He is focused on making sure his interpretation of information is accurate and makes sense for the person he’s reading. There were details Marcel provided related to my “spiritual team” that were very specific, and helped me feel more connected to them. I highly recommend Marcel to anyone!

– Nina Messer

Thank you for pointing out the fact that a previous reading with someone else was absolutely invalid regarding my husband. And, most importantly, the fact that my husband is happy and healed.


– Teri Friedman

This was my first Inspiritive Mapping session with Marcel. And similarly to the first session, right on point. He is a gifted medium with a great sense of humor. In the I M session there will be things that your spirit guides bring up that definitely surprise both Marcel and you. Well, at least they did for me. They truly do want to help us navigate this earthly plane.Marcel is helpful and non-judgmental, as any medium should be. Definitely worth the time and expense. I will follow up.


– Gina Champagne

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I had the pleasure of seeing Marcel at the Rialto in Denison Tx in September 2019. I was very impressed with his gift. I saw him for a private reading this month - Nov. 2019. Again I was amazed and so very thankful for his connection to my family on the other side. I know he is not fond of the word closure, but that is what he helped me find due to the information that he was able to give me. Now the healing can begin for me. I would most certainly go to him again. He is the real deal.


– Jill Kallas

This is one of the most healing people you can see if you are missing people you love. Marcel has a gift, and he is very ethical in the ways he uses it. He is genuine, honest, and caring. I am so grateful for the family experience we had, which also led to important medical insights for us. Marcel is a unique, gifted, human being with a heart the size of Texas. This is time well spent so don't hesitate.


– Lana Shuck

Marcel is so amazing! He went above and beyond. He told me things that only my family would have known and somethings that only I would have known. He was spot on with personalities. I have and will continue to recommend Marcel. His power is truly a gift and a blessing.


– Wendy Coleman

Marcel is a truly gifted channel who never fails to bring in my deceased loved ones with very helpful messages for me. He even relates the person how they would act if they were directly talking to me, with their essence and personality. Thanks to people like Marcel I am able to continue having loving relationships with my parents from the other side. I can honestly say my relationship with my mother has even improved (not cause she's dead, but because she has apologized for stuff ;)

– Vivian Eisenstadt

I took a friend that Marcel was not expecting. We both were skeptical at first but he was point on for both of us and told us things that no one knew past and present. He was precise about deceased loved ones as well as living relatives. He’s the real deal.

– Cindy Kissner

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This man is genuine. No doubt in my mind. He’s thoughtful, caring, and gifted and has your best interest at heart, but he will tell it like it is and he will tell you what the spirits want you to hear whether you like it or not. Don’t ask the spirits material questions because it is of no concern to them. Just go there with an open heart and open mind and be ready to listen.


– Jeff Bodovsky

I shared a reading with my friend. It was amazing how our spirit teams collaborated to give us information. Marcel is excellent in his work. He is honest and funny. The information transmitted through him was accurate and also surprising. I would suggest that if you have questions about whether your Spirit team is close, have a session with him. As he says, they are cheering us on and want only good for us. Thank you, Marcel!


– Gina Champagne

I would first like to thank Marcel for such a GREAT!! session. I was nervous at first but he put us at ease from the start. We had a wonderful time. He has a great sense of humor. If there's anyone with any doubt, he is the REAL DEAL!! We were not allowed to give him any information, only to answer yes or no to his questions. We apparently had a full house waiting for our arrival. It was comforting knowing that they are all well. Our session even went over an hour past our allotted time.


– Linda Moore

I was so in shock at how much he knew and no one could have known any of the information unless he made contact with my loved ones crossed over I was amazed and blessed to experience this interaction with my loved ones through him thank you. Love and light to you.


– Kisha Smaw

Marcel was amazing! And his energy was spot on! I cannot say enough about my reading with him! His has an amazing gift!!! I highly recommend him!


– Nevalyn Farley


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Really went above and beyond to communicate what I needed to hear. Will be back. Wonderful experience. Thanks Marcel!


– Alicia Jimenez

Marcel blew my mind! My friends and I had such a great time and were all very impressed! He knew stuff even some of us in our group didn’t know about each other!! Definitely recommend him!


– Roxana Przelicki

Marcel was a very personable medium with such good energy! My reading was insightful and such a positive experience. this was my first reading with a medium and I couldn’t of imagined it to be any better. He really helped me understand the afterlife and events that have happened which lead me to where I am today. He didn’t rush me or make me feel uncomfortable at all! Will definitely go back!


– Maegan Isip

I was deeply touched and encouraged by Marcel’s caring and sensitivity. His very accurate reading connected me with those I love best and he revealed some facts only known by me. He is one hundred percent authentic and additionally conveyed a sense of warmth and reassurance during the reading. I am so glad I had this opportunity. Thank you Marcel.


– Suzy Cohn

Marcel was really wonderful and thorough . he does his best to be honest and lay out the rules of his readings and lets you know this is not some bedazzled hollywood reading where you'll hear all the typical cliches. he was spot on and he contacted with my spirit team after quite a bit of frustration because my family and background is truly confusing, and i am in awe he got it right . he really wants us to learn how we ourselves can contact our loved ones. in one word : authentic.


– Kalina Qassem

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Give thanks if you have found your way to Marcel. He is a genuine, compassionate, conduit to the spirit realm. He exudes love and will persevere in connecting with your loved ones. You can't go wrong with Marcel. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking a trustworthy, honorable, loving medium to share such a personal experience with.


– Lisa Worobey

Marcel is truly amazing. His service is amply recommended. I would love to repeat the experience.


– Maribel Martinez Diaz

Marcel is exceptionally gifted and compassionate in his role as a medium. His ability to accurately and thoroughly connect with departed loved ones brings much comfort and closure to those of us still on earth. I've sent several friends to see him as a testament to the depth and breadth of healing possible in a reading. One session with Marcel brought about more understanding and acceptance than years of talk therapy ever could.


– Kelly Kinkel

Marcel is an excellent medium. To start he gave us directions about what to expect of the session. He made sure we were connecting with our family members and we felt so happy to hear from them. It is a mysterious universe!


– Vania Halldorson

I have seen Marcel Cairo a few times. He is real. He is informative and fun. He has passion about people and those that have passed on. His session isn't just about telling you what you want to here. It's a lesson on how to accept the messages our loved ones have for us. Those that have passed are still with us. If you have any doubt, visit Marcel. Don't go expecting a particular person to come thru.Go with an open mind and be surprised at who does come thru.Exciting and emotional.❤️


– Linda White

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Marcel is gifted. He's also compassionate, trustworthy, honest, and humble. His knowledge/insight proved my mother and family/friends go on, and remain aware of our ongoing lives without doubt. I'm spiritual but scientific minded. I question everything, but not this. This year was tough. Knowing that life goes on and my mother and others are beside us, kept me going. He passed on health information leading to vital treatment too. Everyday, I am grateful for Marcel and you will be too!


– Lana Shuck

Marcel has a gift. Few of the incidents in a reading I had took me by surprise and wanted to share. Out of blue, Marcel mentioned seeing a Tesla with license plate "No Mo Gas". Just the previous day, we went over the license plates and finalized on "No Gas" for our electric car. Also during our reading, I was just thinking in my mind "Montessori school" and after a few, Marcel asked if my kid went to Montessori school :).


– Radhika Goel

Marcel is not only a truly gifted medium but a teacher. He guides and teaches that love never dies nor is it far away. Our loved ones remain near and ever present in our lives. Thank you Marcel.


– Donna K Turner

Marcel’s reading was amazing! His knowledge and skill make him a master at what he does. His integrity is beyond approach. I found him to be honest and sincere. His accuracy was 100%. He delivered twice the value he promoted and took his time to make sure we understood the process. He was patient and understanding. We got so much out of our time with Marcel, we are still processing all the information and learning so much more than we ever thought possible. I would highly recommend Marcel!

– Adria Roller

Marcel is the real deal. After my Mom and boyfriend's death, I was lost, Marcel helped me realize that there is life after death. The messages he gave me proved that they are still with me. It is an enlightening experience. Loved hearing from my loved ones on the other side. Hope it will warm your heart like it did mine. I wish you well.


– Deb Weiser


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What an exciting & incredible reading I had with Marcel. His professionalism & caring nature helped me connect to my spiritual family & also opened my heart to what I needed with such a calm progression. I'm very grateful for the clarity my reading provided & appreciate the patience Marcel had throughout the entire process. I give Marcel the highest rating possible & would recommend him to any friends & family looking to connect with their spiritual family. Thank You So Much Marcel!

– Karla McCombs

I met with Marcel a few weeks ago and had a very interesting reading. He is definitely skilled and made me feel more connected to loved ones that have passed than i've felt in a long time. It was an wonderful experience. Marcel is professional, ethical and very good at helping to put the puzzle pieces together. Thanks Marcel, appreciate the work you do!

– June Espinosa

I was skeptical but desperately aching from the loss of my son. It was a great reading it was fun and the sense of humor of my dad and sister where right on. Knowing that my son is with me put a sense of ease on my heart and I took comfort knowing that he is well. I would recommend Marcel to anyone and everyone. And knowing that my sister is well and wanting desperately for us to forgive her. I have forgiven her.

-– Pam Clark

This reading went above and beyond what I anticipated. I'm so happy that my Sister, Father and Nephew came through (among others) on this reading and find comfort in all that was shared with Marcel. We plan on doing this annually and were able to find peace in thier passings.

– Lynda K Meadors

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I met Marcel in Austin, Tx where he was doing a group reading. He was awesome and had the best sense of humor! I loved how he went around the whole room putting pieces together with the ones that came through and connected them to the ones in the audience. It was amazing! I had such a great time, that I contacted him and did a personal reading for me and my bf. My mom, sister and niece came through with a message for me that I needed to hear and that touched my heart. I highly recommend Marcel!

– Renee Jenkins

First off, I gave a new email, and a name not associated with the person I wanted to reach. I wanted to know FOR SURE it was legit. He connected with my son, and mentioned things only he and I knew. I went for closure, and Marcel taught me there is no closure, the book is still open. They are still with us and want us to connect. He saved my life more than he will ever know!! THANKS MARCEL!!!

– Jeannie Lowe

My reading with Marcel blew my mind. It was the deepest and most soul searching I have ever experienced my entire life. Indeed it planted seeds of love and understanding for which I am sincerely grateful. I hope our paths will cross again ione day.

– Donna Henderson

Marcel is the real deal. I am still amazed by a reading I had a few weeks ago. It was good to have some closure with loved ones who have passed. This is a chance of a lifetime to hear from loved ones. I will be scheduling another reading soon. Thank you.

– Rani Garner

Last week my daughter talked me into going with her to see Marcel. He was not expecting me. He passed things said from my family that gave me closure. Another person that I never would have expected, said he was sorry for the pain that he had caused me. Marcel had it all. It was an uplifting experience. I want to go back with my husband later. I highly recommend him! He is great.

-– Sharron Kite

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I have had a couple of readings with Marcel, and I can safely say that with each one, I not only learn more about myself and my own capabilities, but I'm also comforted immensely knowing that my "spiritual family" want nothing but the best for me. I highly recommend his as a medium.

– Jennifer Johnson

A reading with Marcel Cairo is a life-altering and healing experience. I unexpectedly lost someone I didn't believe I could bear to lose, and I desperately needed some form of communication with that person. I knew nothing of mediums, and I literally picked Marcel's name off the internet. What a blessing it turned out to be! His skill is astounding, equaled only by his extraordinary kindness. Reconnecting with my loved one has given me the strength to go on. I'll always believe Marcel saved me.

-– Karen Kuebler



Professional, articulate, grounded .. I have no hesitation in recommending Marcel.


– Sandra Julian

Initially, I was skeptical of Marcel's authenticity. However, that quickly changed as he knew things that unless he'd bugged my phone (and my life for that matter), he couldn't have known. He was very thorough in describing what to expect and that I didn't control the session, my family that had passed would. My husband had gone with me, and sorting out our two families was challenging, but Marcel stuck with it. I would definitely recommend him and I will return for another reading.


– Vic Hofs

I went to the reading not knowing what would happen, but I needed peace after the sudden death of my young son. Marcel was very warm, and gave details that no one would have known. I'm still dealing with my grief, but I have so much peace about things and feeling relieved. I am grateful for Marcel, and I would highly recommend him. He doesn't try to get you to feed him details, he makes genuine connections.

– Alice Jay


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I hate to use the word 'amazing' again as so many others have, but there's no better word. Everything Marcel conveyed was spot on and it was fascinating the way things came across like puzzle pieces (his description) and then ended up fitting together, just as he said. Highly recommend.


– Melissa Richards


Wow! I didn't know what to expect, but the experience with Marcel exceeded anything I could have hoped for. My session was powerful, uncomfortable, emotional, overwhelming, and exactly what I needed to hear. I'm still trying to process some of the things I heard, and I've discovered that one message I didn't think was important was really meant for my son. This experience was life changing for me. Thanks Marcel!


– Cindy Pauls

I've had a few readings before Marcel's but none of them were quite like this! Not only did my loved ones come through but we had a lot of fun! Tears, laughter, and new insights left me feeling like every cell in my body just went through a brisk refreshing car wash. Thank you Marcel for sharing your gifts and encouraging me via spirit to trust my own intuitions and connections. Peace and blessings.


– Lisa delong

I met Marcel for a reading today w/my mom. It was amazing! It got off to a slow start as my family dynamics are not necessarily traditional and I believe that made me a hard read. I have more than one father & mother figure in my life & many siblings mixed from step, half etc. I am close to all of them as well.  I immediately could tell that he was trying to figure out what was going on as he magically pieced my confusing world together. It went over at least an hour but it was amazing.


– Brandi Urbanosky

This was my first time seeing a medium. Marcel is a very warm, gentle, soul, and I felt comfortable throughout the reading. He connected me with my parents and sister. He knew the year of my sister's tragic death spot on. He gave me a message that relates to someone else in my life, which may prove very valuable to a young child. I'm still sorting out all the things he told me, as there were so many people popping up for me. I felt surrounded by loving souls!! Great experience!!


– Judy Abernathy

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After the death of my best friend, my husband and me attended a reading with Marcel. He shows empathy, does not ask leading questions and provided more information regarding the passing of our friend and loved ones. He is honest, understanding and trust worthy. We need to allow time for more healing but we will return in a couple of months for another reading. Thank you Marcel. Danny and Edie


– Edie Milita Romero

My mother and I continue to be grateful for the reading we had with Marcel.  He described situations in our lives that no one could have known about and put me in touch with my father and my mother with her husband who had passed away years ago.  Being able to hear my dad's messages for my mother through Marcel has transformed both of us.  I am also thankful for the message I received from my grandmother, which is exactly how she spoke and the words she used when she was alive.  The reading was very specific with many spot-on details.  My mom just wished she would have connected with Marcel many years ago.  


In addition, Marcel's keen insight and explanations regarding life on the other side is extremely helpful and actually liberating for both of us.  We both highly recommend Marcel with no reservations and are grateful for the messages we received.  We are thankful for such a wonderful experience with Marcel.  


–Pam VanDiver

My reading with Marcel has been a pivotal point in my growth, healing and understanding of my current life path, and I am ever so grateful for the opportunity I had to meet with him! Besides Marcel's obvious talents as a medium, one of the things I was most impressed with was his high level of integrity in his approach with his clients. I definitely felt his heart and commitment to serving others as predominant factor in his work. I feel this speaks very highly of him as a person and a healer.

–Shae Ross

I had my first reading with Marcel 4 weeks after my Mothers passing. It was the most amazing experience! He was able to give me clear messages from my mother with validation after validation proving that it was her. Things that only she and I would know! I'm so grateful to Marcel for the experience, during my deepest grief I'm able to feel peace that my mom is no longer suffering and she is dancing and will continue to be with me until it's time for me to join her in the afterlife.


– Carie Moltkau

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Where do I begin!!! Marcel is amazing!!!! He helped me with some stuff I was def needing help with and has been the greatest support for me through all of it. He helped me connect with my dad and knew things exactly what was happening in my life at the moment and past year. I recommend him to everybody I come across. He is absolutley the best!!!! If you do not choose to use Marcel im telling you you should choose him without a doubt!!!!! I cannot thank him enough for everything!!!


– Crystal Arnaud

Marcel was truly amazing. He has really got me thinking. He left me with lots to think about. My husband was with me and he was not really looking for a reading but Marcel said everyone in the room gets read. He was really blown away. We have so much to think about. We would love to do it again soon.


– Alan Caldwell

I must admit that I was nervous to sit for a reading for the first time; however, Marcel was very welcoming and took the time to explain what I should expect. We were able to connect to a friend that had passed recently -- many of the insights Marcel provided were on point. The session definitely helped me in the healing process. I highly recommend Marcel -- I agree with one of the other reviews that states Marcel brings wit & warmth to the reading. It's a unique experience!


– Lisa Brown


Marcel was wonderful! There was quite a bit of confusion with Spirit in the first hour. So much so, that Marcel was ready to either refund or reschedule. His patience and persistence helped power him through and the reading continued beautifully. He was very apologetic about the confusion in the beginning and so he spend an extra hour with me. A total of 3 hours! It was wonderful to hear from my loved ones that have passed. Everything was extremely accurate and insightful.


– Jessica Crozier



I went to Marcel for a reading and was literally blown away. I sat with my family on the weekend and played the recording, to watch their expressions was classic. He reconnected me with my father, with whom I had no contact with for years before he passed. My daughter and sister who are very very dear to me came through and summed me up so quickly as well as gave me some wise words of advise. Marcel has a true gift communicating with people that have passed. I recommend him 102%.


– Deirdre Kelly

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I didn't seek out or expect to encounter a medium on my recent business trip to Dallas, however, being open to the universe and any opportunities it may provide, I had a seemingly random encounter with Marcel Cairo. Marcel took the time to allow my father to reconnect with me by providing several very intimate, accurate and meaningful experiences we shared. I felt a deep inner peace after the reading. I will forever have a different outlook on the metaphysical world and my place in it. Merci.


– Lauren Babits



Marcel is a very good medium. He connects with our loved ones and gives us messages that are very relevant. He delivers the messages with kindness and tells you with patience many things that need to be said from our loved ones from the afterlife. He gives you so much time for one low price. He even goes over the time when he feels there is more that needs to be said. I give him 5 stars. I really think he is great.


– Norma StMichel



Despite my skepticism and work as an investigative journalist, I must admit that Marcel Cairo completely changed my world view. In an unsolicited "reading" with my departed father, he went into great detail about a conversation that only someone in the room with my dad at the time of his passing would have known, and he asked me to pass on a message to my mother. At first I thought my privacy had been violated, but I came to realize I was in the presence of a bonafide & brilliant medium.


– John Feist



Marcel is amazing, I didn't really know who I would connect with but Marcel was immediately connected with a loved one that wanted to talk about a medical crisis. This family member was never made aware of this issue during their living years and there is no way it could have been made up. The message was a miracle in my opinion.  I would recommend Marcel to anyone that wants to connect with loved ones. It was an unbelievable experience that I will not forget.


 – Virginia McDonald



I have been to see Marcel on three different occasions. He never fails to amaze me with the details. He is extremely accurate and on point everytime. I just had my fourth reading with Marcel, this time over the phone. I was not sure how the phone reading would go but I can tell you again he never fails me. The feelings after a reading of peace and understanding are priceless.


– Kathy Hillman

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The first time I had the pleasure and I truly mean pleasure of having a reading with Marcel, he gave me such indescribable joy, I almost fell to my knees thanking the stars that aligned my reading. After the reading I had no doubts about what Marcel was conveying to me about my loved ones, no doubts at all. Now before the reading my husband who is a science based intellect who came to the reading skeptical at best, came away a believer, Marcel, delivers the messages with such care.


–  Olivia Wallace



I had such a beautiful reading with Marcel Cairo. The information was accurate and provided clarity. He shared loving messages of support. His connection is amazing. I highly recommend him!!!


– Brooke Ryder



Over the course of two readings Marcel connected me with my husband and my children with their father who had very suddenly and tragically passed away. The healing power and the new-found presence of peace these interactions have brought my family cannot be underestimated. Marcel has given us two of the greatest gifts a person could ever receive: Forgiveness and Empathy. My experience with Marcel has changed my life and I will forever be grateful.


– Heather Schmitt



I met with Marcel for what was supposed to be a 2 hour reading. Well, although I know it's not normal or probably preferred by him, my reading ended up lasting 3 1/2 hours! He was able to get me in touch with my father who passed a few months ago, and get questions answered for me that I had regarding his passing! He brought through my father's parents as well. There were others, too, of course. All in all, my reading was AMAZING! I'll definitely be referring to him! I'll be back too!


– Regina Perry



He is seriously amazing. . Connected with many of my family members and was spot on with names and things that have happened. He validated stuff that only I would know.. this way the best experience possible and really helped me answer alot of questions that I had. I cannot recommend marcel enough!!! Very eye opening and very legit.


– Cali Murphy

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Without a shadow of doubt, I know that Marcel has communicated with loved ones that have moved on. His readings are full of facts that he could not possibly know. There have also been instances where he has relayed messages that might not make sense at first, but become astonishingly clear shortly after. It gives me such comfort to know that I will be with those that I "lost" on this Earth again and that they are okay. I truly feel blessed to have had such a positive experience.


– Ali HashemiI



I don't know where to begin... Marcel is so in tune to the loved ones who have passed over. I learned so much from his communication with my family and friends that have gone to the "other" side. I can honestly say that he is in contact with Spirit as much as George Anderson or John Edward. 


He brought through my son, my father, and others.  He was so on target and I could tell he was communicating with them. I  verified some things he said after the reading that I had no idea about that were a secret to me until I had the reading and asked other people about. He was right on!  And he had the confidence of talking to Spirit to stand by what they were saying even though at times I could not validate what he was saying until I asked other people after the reading and found out.  


I hope the  universe gives Marcel the means to be able to concentrate on his reading and gifts so that others can have the experience I did.


– Chris



Dear Marcel,


It's truly remarkable how much my life has changed since our reading almost a year ago.  Not only were you able to validate the attendance of all whom I was hoping to speak to, but also  very personal valuable information.  I was astonished at the clarity and precision of your reading.  The perfect balance of truth, focus, and humor made for a night I will never forget.


I used to walk around with a gaping hole of sadness in my heart.  Now when I think of my friends and family on the other side, it gives me a feeling of joy and comfort.  Thank you for taking so much pain out of my life.  Your dedication and selflessness to the craft is wonderfully commendable.


With love,

Laura - TV & Film actress



Dear Marcel,


I wanted to let you know that the reading you did for me & my cousin was absolutely incredible!  We are still talking about it.  We were both amazed that you could pick up on so much truth!  Although, I could not believe that my mother made an appearance, only because she swore she would not come.  Well, she did! It was what I had hoped.


You are absolutely amazing!  Yes, I have been to a few readings and I have never come away with the feelings I had after I left your office.  It was as if I had just went to visit my mother, had a conversation and went home.  Simple as that.  Not the uneasiness of wondering if I had just been duped.  You are a true professional.  You tell it like it is and I love that!  Just like my mother!  She must love you! At the risk of sounding like a “psychic junkie”, I will be back.  Thank you for sharing your skill with my cousin and me.    


Although you don't feel your ability is a "gift", your wonderful personality & honesty is a rare gift to anyone who has the opportunity to sit with you in a reading.


Thank you,

Christine & Lisa 

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Dear Marcel,


I have listened to my tape of our reading many times and something was bothering me - I can't believe how giddy I was doing during our reading.  I think it was because the first person you brought through was my daughter, Kathy.  I was fully expecting to be talking to grandparents and people you could pretty much expect to have passed.  


It was funny that she came through as a boy.  When I was pregnant everyone including the doctor said you are going to have a boy, no tests back then, so much to my surprise upon waking from anesthesia I had a girl. I first felt disappointed, thinking I had let my husband down seeing he was looking forward to this boy.  We talked about this story often.  My daughter even gave me my father’s first and last name.


Then, you said my father was insisting that there was a nephew who you said was cared for by someone else.  I told you there was no nephew taken care of by someone else.   Then yesterday, like an absolute ton of bricks, I realized that I had forgotten that my sister, who died of a drug overdose, had a son and daughter.  The son was 13 and was adopted by 2 teachers and the daughter raised by her father’s family.     


I am writing to apologize for being hell bent on hearing what I wanted to hear versus listening to what the spirit was saying.  You told me you believe the spirit more than the living, boy were you right.   Although I got overwhelmed with names I was so nervous and anxious, all events we talked about were things I could easily remember and confirm.  


I was just so happy to feel connected with Kathy at our reading, my heart mended a little that day.  I am writing because Kathy said to tell you that you are a gifted man with a loving way.    Thanks for reading this stuff and although I can see you do, love your family like there is no tomorrow.     





Dearest Marcel,


It has taken me awhile to write this testimonial about my phone reading with you as my health issues have been more challenging for the past months in addition to my needing some extra time to process our session. I came to find you out of the severe grief I felt over the loss of my beloved parents. They had both been through dreadful illnesses, and the nightmares of those years would simply not leave my heart and mind. I was not able to find the peace I so needed after being a "caregiver" for two people who meant the world to me. My husband and daughter were having many of the same difficulties I was as they were also very close to my parents. 


I would have to admit that I went into this experience with you as somewhat of a skeptic. I had the feeling that you would have to "prove" yourself to me, and that I would be formidable as a client. After all, I could not be easily fooled! I was looking carefully for "general answers", and I was not expecting to come away with more faith about the "afterlife". What amazed me the most were the "validations" you were able to relate from both of my parents. These were the simplest facts that nobody could possibly know except for my husband and daughter. These pertained to silly things such as "changing sheets", "hair-trimmers" and favorite vacation spots. It was not that these mundane "validations" caused a change in my life, but they did get my attention quickly! I had just had conversations about these things with my husband, and as far as I knew, nobody else was in the room with us! 


The "validations" enabled me to believe that you were somehow in contact with my loved ones, and I was then open to listening to the important matters without trying to "prove" you a fraud of some kind. I cannot tell you what this experience meant to me. I have never feared death, but I was devastated at the thought of never seeing my precious family again after leaving this earth. You were able to bring me a sense of peace and serenity that all the "grief-counseling" in the world would not. 


This life I am living will never be an easy one, but I finally have hope that there will be another one after...whatever that may be. I also have the beautiful sense that my parents are watching over us, and that we are never alone in our grief and sorrow. I will never forget your kindness and expertise in these delicate matters of the heart and soul.


With much love and appreciation,



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Thank you so much for yesterday's reading. You were so on target. My son as you said, was loving and caring and very much  a jokester.  When you were all over the room I knew it was him messing with your mind. 


Our lives were changed after his passing and we all walked away from his death with different feelings.  


Today we are still processing things that happened in the room. My loved ones who were present are now all on the same line and I want  you to know that we are grateful to know my boy is okay and he sees us. Today I got my messages from you and as you know he admits he blocked them.  Chris in on a journey and we can now let go in peace. Muchas Gracias


Herm and Angie

Mama DeeDee and Hilda



My reading with Marcel, May 4, 2007.  


He started out with a very through description of how he worked with Spirit, and what was expected of the sitter, in order to receive a accurate and untainted reading.  Marcel had to work with many "layers" of my family members.  As he worked through these numerous family members, he was able to describe their distinct personalities, often times describing specific incidents that only the family member and I would know.


Despite my frequent interruptions, Marcel remained on task, while patiently reminding me of the previous expectations set forth. We progressed from my maternal grandparents, my paternal grandmother, my mother, brother and finally to my 20 year old son. The reading reinforced my belief that we never die.  It gave me hope and awe as to how my beloved family members are working together, merely on the other side of the veil, to help me with the concerns with my marriage, to the never ending pain of my "mijo's" [son's], death.


They are with me!  As surely as yours are with you!


Since the reading, I am honestly able to say that although I will always grieve for my son to be with me, physically, I will not allow myself to become "stuck", merely choosing to exist rather than live.  I am working on reviving my marriage, by choosing life.


Thank you, Marcelito !!!!!!!!

Sherry S.





This has made such a difference in my life, I cant even tell you. I wake up with a smile on my face now every morning; I feel like I finally had the conversation I never got to have with my mom before she died. 


Thank you so much! 


Tina - Realtor

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I just wanted to say that I was pretty well astounded by the reading today.

It wasn't just the nature of the hits, many of which were incredibly

specific and surprising. It was more that this was the first time I was ever

certain that yes, this is contact. This is not someone just picking up

something perhaps from my unconscious. This was a conversation, a process. I

can't really find the right words for it at the moment.


When I know when I am going to LA, I will email you and hope to arrange a

face to face reading. Meanwhile, I think I would like to arrange a phone

reading for someone. I'll get back to you on that idea.


But thanks. It was pretty incredible. 


Tony - Writer



Dear Marcel: 


Thanks so much for the wonderful reading. At the risk of sounding cheesy I would say you have given me a gift almost as precious as life itself. I don't think you could even begin to know what peace and joy you have bestowed upon me today. I feel as though I can break through to my daughter now, and it's the beginning of a new era for me so to speak. I wish you the best of luck on your journey and I hope you find peace and comfort in knowing that your work here is very special.  I look forward to meeting you someday, after all, I believe we are all connected to each other and to God right? May your dreams come true without sacrifice. 








Something I have not shared with you is that before my reading with you, I

asked that any spirits that came through would bring me the truth. You

know how I stand on the subject of the other side - I believe. I already

know that I have loved ones around me and as you now know, I have been

aware of the presence of one in particular for several months.


What I am getting at here is that I didn't need a medium to tell me : "Oh,

he loves you and is around you" because I'm fortunate enough to already 

know that! However, I had this nagging feeling that there was more that I

needed to know, but nothing I could put my finger on.  Suffice to say, it

became evident almost immediately into the reading that I was going to

learn a great deal. I also think it's important to make the distinction

here that while you were the messenger, I 100% felt that the conversation

was between my loved one and me. I hope you don't feel left!


There were many validations - a description of his lifestyle patterns

while on earth that were right on. He brought up the exact name of my

close friend that my loved one knew, her problems with relationships, her

heavy smoking habit. All of these issues have been on my mind lately with

her. He wanted to say "hi" and she will love that because she really

thought the world of him.


The age of my son and an upcoming birthday was acknowledged. My husband's

boss was not only named but an ongoing raise issue was brought up. Then

the grand-daddy of all validations actually occurred two days after the

reading! I received a phone call from my doctor who, to my surprise,

revealed some new health information. This very same information was

brought up by my loved one during the reading, but was not meaningful at

the time.


Overall, this reading was not easy, but I really believe that the intent

of my loved one that came through was to help me heal. Some painful truths

were revealed that point directly at issues with my childhood and 

relationships. Some of these issues he did not even know about when he was

alive. Like you said, "This may not be the reading you were expecting

today, but it's the reading you're getting".


This journey is not over for me by any stretch of the imagination. I just

can't thank you enough for pointing me toward the wisdom of the loved ones

that surround me.



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I have had two sessions with you. Both times, I made contact with both my grandmothers. I also made contact with my grandfather who died before I was born. The information revealed to me was more helpful than 2 years of therapy. There is not a doubt in my mind that contact was made to the other side. There is no way that you could have come up with some of the information you received. You were not picking up anything from my subconscious either as a lot of the information that was coming through was not known to me. I had to go back and check some facts and details with my mother only to find out it was on target with all the information.  


A lot of the information that came through has been life transforming and healing. It has also opened me up to be more receptive to the unseen world around us. Marcel you are truly gifted. You have a gentle, caring approach when delivering the information. You really helped me change some habits and look at things more honestly. I will recommend you to anyone with absolute confidence.






Marcel, here are some highlights of my reading:


1) My maternal grandfather is my Master Guide because you said he has been with me "since my birth."  I only saw pictures of him and remember my mom saying "These are the last pictures of Pop before he died -- when he came to visit in Oklahoma WHEN YOU WERE BORN."  


2) The ice cream maker gift to my dad.


3) Airplanes around my husband John (retired from USAirways, 32 years).


4) Ross (my son's name R, S, one syllable) and his recent job change, and a friend named Jeff.


5) Mother-in-law Mary (by name), saying I have a "passion for the afterlife," alcohol problem with her.


6) I really think my dad asking me to "take this walk of forgiveness with him" he is referring to split with my sisters, as I am having such a hard time forgiving them, though know I should, and geographical break when he died because I was very sad I could not be there because I was sick.


7) You got my husband's stepsister by name, Andy (Andrea), and said her father is in spirit and my husband knew him.  You knew he had a brother in spirit.


8) You said my brother and I were less than 2 years apart in age (we are 14 months apart).  And you knew I had brother and a sister in spirit.


Thanks again Marcel.  Still talking about it!!!







I wanted to thank you again for the reading you gave me last Sunday.  I have listened to the tape and transcribed it, and have even gotten more out of the messages.  I have to say, I have been more calm and peaceful since the reading than I have been in a long, long time.  This 2 hour session did more for me than years of therapy.  You have a powerful and wonderful gift as a conduit to the other side and I am so grateful that I was able to experience it.  I really think my sister would get so much out of it, but she is very reticent, she's not there yet.  I hope she will be.  





Marcel Cairo, a professional medium and frequent commenter here, has started his own blog. I was part of a group reading by telephone with Marcel a couple of weeks ago, and a great deal of personal and meaningful information came through. I was going to write about it, but frankly, most of the material (for all four sitters) is probably just too personal to make public. It was a most enlightening experience, even though Marcel himself was dissatisfied, calling it "a bad day at the office." As a friend of mine said after reading my notes, "If that's a bad day, what's a good day?!"

Anyhow, check out Marcel's blog. His essay on a reading he had with famed medium John Edward is a good place to begin.


Michael Prescott - Bestselling Author





As you know, you have “read” for me twice, but it was my latest visit that was truly astounding. I went to see you because I was concerned about two very different issues—and was looking for guidance on them from the Other Side. When we sat down together, I gave you no indication at all about my issues, or even the fact that there were just two things I needed guidance on. But you went straight to the first issue literally “out of the gate,” and you addressed the other issue after we had covered the first. At no time did we discuss anything else!


I’ve been a believer that the Other Side can communicate with us for many, many years but you have merely reinforced for me how well our loved ones can get through to us even after they have passed.


Thanks for sharing your incredible gift!


Doreen (writer)

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Dear Marcel, 


Thank you for the messages you brought me from my son, Dan.  The subtleties that came through in your reading remind me that love and personality are eternal.


Kathy Eldon - Producer & Social Entrepreneur 



Well Marcel where do I begin, the reading that my mom & I had with you was so amazing, the reading was only going to be with my mom,but it was to our surprise that my younger brother "Tony" who had passed away at 19 had other plans and he wanted both my mom & I to have the reading with you. The reading was something I had never experienced before, We had went to other mediums but never received such validating information like we did that evening, it was also great because my mom speaks Spanish and you were able to communicate with her in Spanish as the information coming through was much more meaningful to her. My brother was not the only loved one that came through we had several family members & friends come through with accurate validations,the reading helped my mom tremendously because she confirmed that my brother was okay & with other family members that had also passed. I remember that we cried & laughed during the reading,the information coming through brought back many memories. But most of all my mom left with her heart at peace. You gave her the gift of being able to reconnect with her son & me with my brother. We will always be grateful for being able to have this special moment with my brother & family.


Sandra & Maria



Dear Marcel, as you know I was the quintessential nonbeliever, but your reading convinced me. There was no way you could've known certain key words.  You most definitely made contact with the spirit I was so desperately trying to reach. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Hello Marcel


Well I am not to sure where to start. Last night I had two of my family members call into your show.  I have to admit the show is a little strange at times in a funny way.


My son is Kyle and he is only 19 yrs. old and looks forward to listening to the show.  I feel that at his age this is great that he is looking at life in a very different way then i had at this age. That i had gifts that i did not even now what they were until later in life.  Your show is helping him to view this world in such a beautiful way. A way in which this world will be more blessed with a lighter young man with the eyes of someone more spiritual then the average. I have opened his eyes to this long ago but with this program he sees further then I am able to show him. Thank you for this gift to him. 


Also my mother from Manitoba ,Canada called in. You were also 100% accurate on what you had told her. You had told her about how life has not always been fair to her ...this is how she feels almost of the time...she also spends much of her memories on past and how people she had dealt with were nothing but a bunch of ********. 


So you see, you have helped me in a great way. For years, I have been telling her she needs to give up on all the bad that she only sees and focus on the light that she has in her life. So last night you have turn on a light that I have tried to turn on for many years.  My advice to her had been similar to what you had told her but with out any affect on her.  


You also had stated the fact that there was a person connected to her daughter (that is me) who had been murdered.  Again, 100% accurate.  Last year I had friends that I had know most of my life leave this world abruptly...Without warning my friends husband (Robert) had taken his wife (Angela)s life away with a baseball bat. They had two young children in the house at the time. They were in their 30s. I am not sure how much the children had seen but I do send them prayers all the time. After Robert had done this he then went to an out building and shot him self. Christmas last year was a hard one because he did all this on Christmas Eve. I do not hold any hard feelings against my friend at all because life can be hard and I HAVE NEVER WALKED IN HIS SHOES...I also know he is with the Angles and that he is happy once again and that if he chooses to walk on this earth once again he will walk this time a different soul. So I just felt that I needed to let you know how good you both are and how it is you affect all of us out here in cyberspace. 


So I send you a big heart felt hug and thank you from all of us.  We will be sure to listen to your show and will continue to call in. God Bless you all.  


Joann, Alberta Canada

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Marcel left us speechless. His readings were 100% accurate! His connection to the spiritual world is such an amazing gift and I can't thank him enough for giving my family inner peace. Don't hesitate to call Marcel, there is no question he will leave you speechless as well!


–Kristen Gentile



Marcel is just fabulous. He swept into my life and I in turn rounded up my sisters and cousins because "Your Mother wants to talk." We all had an experience with Marcel as the telephone with the ones who had passed on. Passed on but not gone. He flat out is the best.


– Nancy Alcorn



Marcel is unbelievable. He has been a spirtual counselor & friend for the past 2 years. His readings are always "right on" for what is going on in my life. He brings humor, wit & warmth to his readings. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


– Bonnie Studler



I had a 2 hour reading with Marcel that was uncannily accurate, no secrets were kept hidden! It was unbelievably helpful in moving me toward healing from the lost of a loved one to suicide. he was detailed and accurate, and amazingly perceptive.


– Linda Romano

The real deal and a great guy too. Highly recommend!


– Nick Masseon



I went to see Marcel when he came to Austin, Tx to do a group reading. I really enjoyed the event and even got lucky enough to receive a reading.He was spot on and told me things I needed to hear to help me move forward on my path. He was also kind enough to let other people in the audience that had untapped abilities have an opportunity to read, to help them embrace their gift. Truly, compassionate and kind person. Being a professional medium myself, I can tell you he is the real deal!


– Sara Wickham



I have visited with Marcel on three occasions and each time I have left with a better understanding of spirit and how they surround us. I wasn't there for 30 seconds on my fist visit when he told me my mother was there as well, then told me her name. I learned that two friends who died decades ago had been pushing me to go in order to "let go of baggage". I knew who Marcel was talking about since he told me the years that they passed. Marcel is the real deal!


– William Walker

very interesting experience, pleasantly surprised by the messages and meeting, as with an old friend (this was really the feeling as I knew him). I will go back for sure. Highly recommend him.


– Georgeta Toth

Amazing experience. Enlightening & healing. Hands down best decision I have made to have a reading by Marcel. I recommend him to every one thats needs spiritual enlightening.


– Laurne Holt

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A truly incredible experience! Marcel is the real deal. He is so genuine, patient and the depth of his reading was beyond amazing! I am so grateful for his insight and I’m still processing all the information. Definitely well worth the money and time spent. I will absolutely be going back. I would highly recommend Marcel to anyone wanting to connect anyone passed.


– Adria Roller


Marcel is an incredibly gifted medium. I've had the pleasure of seeing him at a gallery demonstration in addition to a one-on-one meeting. His messages are very accurate and he's unique in that he walks you through the mechanics of mediumship and how Spirit relays these messages through him to the sitter. I would highly recommend Marcel without hesitation.


– Aaron Langford


My visit with Marcel was a wonderful experience. He told me stuff about myself and my kids that no one would have known but us. He also told me some things about my deceased spouse that only I knew. I had a great reading and have recommended him to others.


– Talia Warren

We had an amazing experience with Marcel. I took my mother in law and sisters in law. They had so much told to them it was amazing. It's a experience I still tell people about. Marcel is so warm and friendly. He is truly gifted. I would go back to him to have a reading and highly recommend him to anyone needing the experience. Just do it! It can change you!

– Portia Whittle

Me and my daughter went to see him and we just blown away with the whole experience. There were things that he said that there was just no way he could have found out about us unless he had a conversation with the person who had passed away. I truly believe and would recommend him in a heart beat. We are wanting to go back for a spiritual guidance. I took my friend to a group type reading at a restaurant and she was blown away herself and thanked me for taking her. It will be worth your time!!!


– Clarissa Ballard

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My reading with Marcel was the most satisfying and comprehensive reading I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a fair share over the years). He does not let you accidentally lead him or reveal anything to him. Marcel is the real deal. I highly recommend you experience this for yourself!


– Dawn Lunsford

My experience was unforgettable, My daughter and I went and it was very fulfilling and healing. I want to do it again and really recommend it to anyone.


– Iliana Alvarado

Marcel is an AMAZING Medium. Twice, I have consulted him, and twice, he has connected me with the departed loved one I needed so desperately to hear from. His connection is immediate, genuine, stunning, heart-lifting, and life-changing. So, I guess you could say that, twice, Marcel has healed me.


– Karen Kuebler

This has been my first reading. He initially blew my mind, by asking whether I am a lesbian (I am). Several other things he pinpointed, but I realized afterwards. Amazing... How could he know?


– Lillian Jacobsen

I went to see Marcel after a close friend passed away. I wanted to connect with him, along with others I had lost, as well as get some guidance about my current life path. Marcel well exceeded my expectations! I heard from every loved one on the list I had only in my head. In every message he delivered, he brought through their personality. It was truly amazing! Whether you’re seeking connection, guidance or wisdom, Marcel delivers!


– Lori Koonsman

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100% Real. I was skeptical at first but Marcel is the TRUTH. I HIGHLY recommend.


– Ashley Sellers

Marcel taught me that we never “lose” any of our loved ones. They continue to be present and an important part of our lives. If you have any doubts, please go see Marcel. Thank you so much Marcel


– Donna Turner

Marcel is awesome! He was spot on with everything. This was my second session with him and I will be going back again. If you have a chance to see him please go! You won't regret it!


– Kellie Morris

The meeting with Mr. Cairo exceeded my expectations. Fun and honest about the inputs from the other side, time passed without feeling it. If you are not a believer, you will become one for sure. So wait for another reading, now I know how to listen too. Thank you.


– G. Toth

This was the first time for a reading like Marcel and let me tell you it was super informative. Things that my sprit family came with really hit home. I would definitely recommend Marcel to anyone looking for guidance with the help of your soul family. I can’t say enough about my experience and Marcel is so helpful. I look forward to my growth in this life and beyond. Thank you Marcel.


– Shelli Campbell

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Marcel Cairo is a deeply sensitive, spiritual person. He takes the time to explain time and space dimensions of the afterlife, and explains the connections he makes with loved ones, even though he is unaware of the individual circumstances. I felt at peace when i left his office and would like to see him again in six months or so.


– Melinda Archer

Marcel was amazing with the things he was able to discern about our family. We came away from the session with the reassurance that our loved ones were happy. We recommend him highly!


– Lisa Ochoa

Marcel made the whole experience comfortable. Explaining, the process, the guidance, how to accept and allow. He amazed me with some things absolutely no one would know. My best friend and I left with hope, a sense of calmness. Genuinely a life changing experience. I will remember that for the rest of my life. Amazing... That's it


– Kelly Bannister

This was a wonderful evening.Filled with Scientific information as well as an Authentic Medium//he 100% was connecting to loved ones as he could not possibly know the items he projected on//he was slow and sure of who was the proper person that was being connected to//the questions were very specific as no one else but the party could know this related to them//we came home with wonderful feeling and look forward a private consultation//during the evening he helped a Father and a Mom who needed


– Elizabeth Edwards

Great messages. What a cool way to get into each message by playing the games and making the associations to lead you to the message. Even with message hogs you did such a great job delivering messages to so many. I will return.


– Joy Childress

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My daughter and I had the most amazing experience with Marcel. We were unsure of what to expect and a little anxious but he made us feel completely comfortable and helped us relax which in turn allowed us to get the most out of the session of connecting with our loved ones. He went over and above our expectations and I would highly recommend Marcel to anyone wanting to connect to past loved ones and leave with a complete sense of peacefulness and fulfillment.


– Cari Chancelor

Marcel was truly and unforgettably amazing. He provided me with concepts that no one would have possibly known about. This reading allows me and my grandma to access a place where we can find healing and still communicate with our loved ones who have passed. I believe that this is something EVERYONE should experience. 10 out of 10 recommend. And I WILL be doing this again.


– Alyssa Carpenter

Marcel is LEGIT! What an awesome experience we will forever cherish. My husband’s father died 20 years ago this November and it was so healing for him to “hear” his voice again. Marcel even was able to bring out my Father In-Law’s personality and sense of humor. We DEFINITELY recommend him to everyone, and will go again some day!


– Julia Mack

Had a wonderful sitting over phone with Marcel he is such a honest and legitimate Medium he works hard at connecting to your loved ones and he does not want you to give him any information. It’s just him giving you what he receives from spirit. I would definitely recommend anyone that wants a medium don’t hesitate Marcel is really amazing and the validation you receive are very real and wonderful. Thank You


– Ralph Giordano

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