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Shape Your Destiny

Inspiritive Mapping ®

*Inspiritive Mapping sessions require an initial two hour mediumship reading.


We all know from experience that making positive changes in our daily life is a lot easier said than done.  Good intentions don't always manifest into good results, and despite our best efforts, we can fall prey to a habitual pattern of negative thinking and self-destructive choices.   


Look, there's nothing wrong with tripping and stumbling on our soul journey.  Big and little failures are a part of the cycle of success.  Failure strengthens our character, feeds our awareness and expands our capacity for growth.


It's getting stuck in failure that will jeopardize living a fulfilling life.  The repeated frustrations of falling short of success can quickly become the blueprint that keeps us running into the same wall of despair.  That's why I developed Inspiritive Mapping as a form of afterlife coaching.


Personal Development + Spiritual Collaboration = A Fulfilling Life 


Inspiritive Mapping is a launching pad for change.  It's a spirit guided overview of your footprints, both past and present, that inspires you to map a clear path of the road you’re seeking.  Consider it a GPS for your soul.  It's yours.  It's there.  And they are there with you for the ride.  


With Inspiritive Mapping, you and your spiritual family can outline together the strategies and goals for a happier and fuller life, and together, make the necessary tweaks and adjustments needed to get there in this lifetime.

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