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These 4 questions are the key to Mediumship


  • Does our brain create consciousness or filter it?

  • Does consciousness survive the death of the brain?

  • Does surviving consciousness retain individuality?

  • Does mediumship communication open dialog with surviving consciousness?

Medium's Oath


Objective    [unbiased and factual]

Authentic      [genuine and committed]  

Transparent  [clear and principled]

Honest          [trustworthy and ethical]

I believe that what we call the soul (consciousness) can be understood and defined by the laws of nature.


I believe that scientific theories that predict extra dimensions of reality are correct, and what we call the afterlife must be a property of one of these dimensions.


I believe that when the brain dies, it's only the mirror of 'self' that is broken, but that our consciousness continues to be reflected in another dimension of reality.


I believe that mediums are simply "decoding" transmissions from this consciousness dimension, and those we consider dead are merely continuing to exist in that other reality.


I believe that mediumship is a "skill" not a "gift," and like all skills, it can be nurtured and crafted...


Yes, I believe this, and more.

An Honest Medium


  • Should NOT ask you who you want to hear from

  • Will provide evidential proof of survival of consciousness

  • Should NOT engage in psychic predictions or fortune telling

  • Will be 100% honest, even when they are 100% wrong

  • Should NOT turn you into a psychic junkie

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