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ADDRESS  2201 Midway Rd., Suite: 100-Q, Carrollton, TX 75006


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Consciousness Survival:


There are three basic questions at the core of what I do.


  • Does consciousness exist separately from the brain?

  • Can consciousness survive once the brain (organ) has died?

  • Can we scientifically detect/prove consciousness survival?


An Honest Medium...


  • Should not ask you who you want to hear from

  • Will provide evidential proof of survival of consciousness

  • Should not engage in psychic predictions or fortune telling

  • Will be 100% honest, even when they are 100% wrong

  • Should not turn you into a psychic junkie


I believe that when the brain dies, it's only the mirror of 'self' that is broken, but that our consciousness continues to be reflected in another dimension of reality.


I believe that mediums are simply "decoding" transmissions from this consciousness dimension, and those we consider dead are merely continuing to exist in that other reality.


I believe that mediumship is a "skill" not a "gift," and like all skills, it can be nurtured and crafted...


Yes, I believe this, and more.