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Best psychic medium Marcel Cairo

Evidential Sessions


A Medium Reading should be an honest experience that provides real proof that life goes on after death, and brings you a step closer to your spirit team on the other side. A medium should not have to ask you who you are wishing to connect to or why you are there. Spirit will tell us. They know what to do. Our job is to listen and to be open to their guidance as they help us look within for the answers we seek. Life after death is real, let them show you the proof.

Session Fee

                  Weekday Reading   - $195.00

                  Weekends | Nights  - $245.00 

Rate is for You plus 1 free guest.

Add guests - $40.00/person (total limit 4)

Includes free digital recording.



Monday – Friday

10:00 AM • 2:00 PM • 7:00 PM



11:00 AM • 3:00 PM • 7:00 PM

*All times are Central Standard Time (CST)

Let's be honest - we would all like spirit to answer our prayers, questions and needs. Trust me, over the years, I've asked like everyone else.


However, working as a professional medium for the last two decades, the biggest lesson I've learned from Spirit is this... "The journey is the destination." Our souls are the journey, and the journey is our souls. They cannot be separated.


The most amazing thing about all this is that Spirit is along for the whole ride. They collaborate with us in our quest for wisdom. They inspire us in our moments of doubt. They are not, however, there to solve our problems for us, or give us the Fast Pass to the front of the line. 


While we focus on our “right now/short-term" life pains. it's easy to lose sight of the the "long-term" life goals that lead us to more peace, love, joy and happiness. 


Spirit is on a simple mission. To collaborate with us on both the short-term and long-term objectives in a realistic way without a bunch of empty promises and wasted efforts.


My job is also simple... get out of spirit’s way and let them do what they know how to do. I never claim to speak for them. I never demand they give me what you want to hear. I never ask them to solve my problems or yours.


My task is to listen carefully, convey what they want me to share, keep my personal opinions out of it, and not be swayed by my ego or my clients pain. In essence, my true job is to be objective and be unbiased, always. 


These are the goals Spirit sets forth for every reading -


Proof - Authenticate Connection

Process - Teach Communication

Potential - Empower Collaboration


Looking forward to a session with you and your spirit team. 

Inspiritive Mapping®


Inspiritive Mapping combines the connections of medium communication  with your own personal development goals to create a map of clarity and action that is both driven by you, and guided by your spirit team on the other side.


Mapping sessions are tailored specific to the dreams and goals you are currently working on, with a results driven focus.


Your spiritual team is there to collaborate with you, work through the hard stuff, and support your progress each step of the way.

An initial 2 hour reading is required before receiving your first Inspiritive Mapping. 

What Spirit Wants

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